Melbourne’s Hair Toppers

hair toppers melbourne

In the world of hair fashion, finding the perfect solution to enhance your look can be a transformative experience. For those seeking to sell their hair or explore hair toppers in Melbourne, Australia, the options are abundant. In this article, we delve into the thriving industry of selling hair and the availability of hair toppers in Melbourne. Whether you’re looking to refresh your style or seeking an alternative to traditional hair extensions, Melbourne offers a wealth of opportunities to elevate your hairstyle game.

Sell Hair Australia: Unleashing the Value:

Selling hair has become a popular trend, with many individuals realizing the value of their luscious locks. Australia, including Melbourne, is a hub for this trade, providing platforms and avenues for those looking to sell their hair. From online marketplaces to specialized hair buyer salons, there are various options available. Selling hair in Australia allows individuals to not only make a financial gain but also contribute to the production of high-quality hair products, including hair toppers.

Hair Toppers Melbourne: A Revolutionary Hair Solution:

Hair toppers have emerged as a revolutionary solution for those seeking to add volume, length, or coverage to their natural hair. Melbourne, with its vibrant beauty and fashion scene, offers a diverse range of hair toppers to cater to different needs and preferences. These innovative hairpieces are designed to seamlessly blend with your existing hair, providing a natural and effortless transformation. Whether you have thinning hair, a receding hairline, or simply want to experiment with a new look, hair toppers in Melbourne can be a game-changer.

The Process of Selling Hair in Australia:

For individuals interested in selling their hair in Australia, understanding the process is essential. Firstly, it is important to find reputable hair buyers or platforms that specialize in purchasing hair. These buyers assess the quality, length, and condition of the hair before making an offer. Once a price is agreed upon, the hair is carefully cut and packaged according to the buyer’s requirements. This process ensures that the hair maintains its quality and can be further processed into hair toppers or other hair products.

Choosing the Right Hair Topper in Melbourne:

When it comes to hair toppers, Melbourne offers an extensive range of options to suit different hair types, styles, and preferences. To find the right hair topper, consider factors such as the base material, hair type (synthetic or human), length, color, and attachment method. Consultation with a professional stylist or visiting specialized hair topper salons can provide valuable guidance in selecting the perfect match for your needs. Melbourne’s diverse market ensures that you can find a hair topper that seamlessly integrates with your natural hair, enhancing your overall appearance.

The Benefits of Hair Toppers:

hair toppers melbourne

Hair toppers provide numerous benefits for individuals seeking a temporary or non-invasive hair enhancement solution. They offer versatility in styling, allowing you to experiment with different looks without committing to permanent changes. Hair toppers can provide coverage for thinning hair, conceal hair loss, or add volume to your existing hair. They are easy to wear, comfortable, and require minimal maintenance. With the wide range of hair toppers available in Melbourne, you can find a solution that meets your specific needs and style preferences.

The Growing Demand and Future Trends:

The demand for hair toppers and the market for selling hair in Australia continue to grow. As people become more aware of the possibilities for hair enhancement, the industry evolves to meet their needs. Advancements in technology, innovative attachment methods, and the availability of customized options contribute to the evolving trends in Melbourne’s hair topper market. The future holds exciting possibilities for individuals looking to sell their hair and those seeking unique and personalized hair topper solutions.

The thriving hair industry in Melbourne not only offers opportunities for individuals looking to sell their hair or purchase hair toppers but also contributes to the local economy. Hair salons, hair buyers, and specialized stores that cater to hair toppers create jobs and support small businesses in the region. The demand for high-quality hair products and the popularity of hair toppers contribute to the growth of the beauty and fashion sector in Melbourne, making it a hub for hair-related innovations and trends.

One of the significant advantages of hair toppers is their versatility in styling. Whether you prefer a sleek and polished look or want to experiment with curls and waves, hair toppers can be styled according to your desired hairstyle. You can use heat styling tools, such as curling irons or straighteners, to achieve the look you desire without causing damage to your natural hair. This flexibility allows you to change your hairstyle as often as you like, adapting to different occasions or simply expressing your personal style.

The future of the hair industry in Melbourne looks promising, with ongoing advancements and innovations in hair toppers and related products. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more realistic and natural-looking hair toppers that offer enhanced comfort and durability. The market may also see the introduction of more sustainable and eco-friendly options, aligning with the growing demand for environmentally conscious choices.

Melbourne’s thriving hair industry provides a multitude of options for individuals interested in selling their hair or exploring hair toppers. The city’s diverse market, filled with reputable hair buyers and specialized salons, ensures that those looking to sell their hair can find trustworthy platforms to maximize their hair’s value. Likewise, individuals seeking hair toppers in Melbourne have a wide range of options to choose from, allowing them to enhance their hairstyle and boost their confidence. With a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, Melbourne’s hair industry continues to shape the landscape of hair fashion, offering endless possibilities for individuals to embrace their unique style and elevate their overall look.

Collapsible Electric Bikes In AUSTRALIA

Folding electric bikes can be an excellent investment for those looking for a compact, lightweight bicycle. Folding electric bikes are an excellent choice if you want to save space. Or if you want the flexibility of taking the bike on public transportation or with you to the car. With the benefits of these drive motors and batteries, the weight of your foldable bike is not a real concern while riding. It can become an issue when you need to fold it up and take it on a car trip.

The biggest one, the though one is handling. Since, you do not necessarily need to carry the bike around with you while the bike is folded. You will need to pay attention to how easy the fold is, particularly if you are planning on using it daily. The more fold-up points the bike has, the longer it takes to fold up, and the fiddlier it is to do it. A bike with fewer fold points will be faster and easier. Though it won’t be quite as compact.

While an electric-folding bike is never going to be as light as one that does not have electric parts. The motor and battery attached to its frame make it considerably heavier than others. When buying an e-folding bike, you should look for one that has a sturdy frame, powerful motor, and large battery. Thanks to their electric motors, electric folding bikes are also really easy to ride. They can also go far farther than a traditional bicycle. Electric folding bikes are ideal for short- or medium-range trips. Usually meaning that you will ride one every day for commute or school.

With the smaller wheels of the best electric folding bikes, effortless acceleration and keen manoeuvrability are a given. It makes them ideal for getting around traffic, on tight bike paths, regardless of destination. These foldable electric bikes combine high-end motor horsepower and build quality with effortless portability. Making them ideal for any urban environment (and beyond). With a compact design and light weight of just 19kg including a 36V10AH Samsung Lithium Battery, folding electric bike is easily portable anywhere you need to go. Perfect for travelling, this folding bike allows you to travel the length and breadth of the globe. No worries about transportation whether you have to catch a train or a plane.

The modern folding electric bicycle is an easy folding design, making it convenient for travelling or everyday use. Practical and functional, a folding bicycle is one bike which fits in every type of environment. The Ausstech Folding Electric Bike offers 40-50km of range with a top speed of 25km/h. A full charge takes around two to three hours.

The M6L Electrics battery pack is not particularly elegant, but it means that you can easily pop off the battery to recharge. Instead of having to connect a MiRider One, and the bike is far lighter and easier to take upstairs when you take off the pack. Whereas many folding electric bikes integrate their batteries in the frame. The M6L Electrics power pack is mounted at the front. Drawing energy from its 158Wh battery, the Brompton Electric uses a 250W hub motor at the back. Actuated by the big 48T front chainring.

The Brompton M6L Electric has been building folding bikes since the 70s. They have added a 250W a 300Wh battery to its distinctive, curvy frame. This London-based brand has been around 45 years and has applied its experience of making folding bikes to making them electric.

Lastly, out of all of the electric bikes that feature the bicycle folding system. Auswheel is one of the easiest foldable electric bikes to use. A Foldable electric bike is an electric bike that has a folding and unfolding system that differs depending on the brand. Some foldable e-bikes are made to be extremely portable. So, the rider can fold them and carry them like a real bag.

Some collapsible bike models are designed to fit in a luggage-size bicycle wheel. Regardless of how much an electric folding bike costs, however, the practicality is hardly the issue. The bike folds down to less than half of its volume in only 10 seconds. When it is time to stash MiRider One, its magnesium-alloy frame neatly folds into two, seat mats pull out, and the bar stem collapses.

Pedal-assisted electric folding bikes deliver the power as you pedal. Whereas throttle-controlled folding bikes feature a throttle that you can use to gain power. The range of an electric folding bike is variable depending on battery size. Most electric folding bikes can go anywhere from 15-30 miles on a single charge. The VELLO Folding Electric Bike has a large range – fully charged, the battery can go for 50km with the motor running at full capacity. It is almost unlimited if used in full regenerative mode.

This mobility feature makes folding EVs favourites for commuters, frequent travellers. Those simply prioritizing convenience over everything else. With its proprietary lightweight, full-titanium 1.9kg Vello frame and eight-second folding mechanism, they have managed to break the boundaries for the lightweight folding electric bicycle. The electric assist even serves to improve the carrying capacity of the bike.

Fashion Tips On Colored Contacts

It is no secret that glasses and contacts make great fashion statements, but thanks to the recent growth in colorful contacts, you are getting an entirely new way to sport your eyes. These contact lenses can change your eyes in many ways, from changing your eye’s color or pupil shape, to giving a cartoon or movie-character look. Decorative contact lenses can temporarily turn brown eyes blue, or give you cat eyes or vampire eyes for Halloween. Fashion lenses make eyes appear bigger, but they have a slightly unnatural appearance because of their flat colors.

When in doubt, go for a brown-colored lens because it is the most versatile of all the lenses, which you can style with easily every outfit that you own in your wardrobe. If you regularly wear contacts and are used to them, you will feel perfectly comfortable wearing colored lenses. If you are already wearing contacts, but not the colorful ones, it is time to go with the trends and update your lenses.

You simply have to let your eye doctor know you are interested in wearing the colored lenses now. Even if you are just looking to brighten up a Thursday night that is otherwise dull, you could opt for colored contacts over regular ones. Yes, you could wear blue makeup with blue contacts, but if you want to make your eyes pop, using complementary colors is best. There are plenty of other styles of blue you can pair with your outfit.

When you are going to wear a dress in blue, there are some colored lenses you can wear that will fit with your dress or tie-in. If you are wearing a cold or rose-colored outfit, wear a blue-colored lens so your eyes will stand out and express themselves better. If you want your eyes to stand out, try using cool blues, greens, or silvers. If you have red hair or any vibrant colors, try using darker color lenses such as browns or greys if you do not want to appear overpowered by lots of vibrant colors.

If you have dark brown eyes and you would like blue ones, Opaque Tint is right for you. Enhancement Tint is ideal for people who have lighter-colored eyes and want to make them look slightly brighter.

If you are fair-skinned, any color contact lenses will look amazing on you, particularly the brighter colors like pale blue, green, or violet, which will put you in the spotlight. With colorful contacts, your eyes can be one of your fashion accessories that fit with your style.

If you have darker eyes, you may want to opt for colors such as pale browns and hazel contact lenses. Pretty much any color goes well with brown, so you have got plenty of choices when it comes to brown. You could choose to get a few darker brown lenses or some other darker colors, or depending on the color of your eyes and your hair, you could choose one color to go with it.

Or you may try same-colored contact lenses, and various shades of blue like a lighter blue, darker blue, or a brighter blue. That is not the only solution, you can also continue to wear a few different colors when it comes to gray, for example, if you are wearing dark shades of gray, you could opt for dark brown contacts or even darker blue lenses.

If you are looking to go with colored contacts for everyday use, be it to work or to school, then you are better off using monthly lenses since having to change the lenses regularly can get quite expensive. Colored contacts are a really fun way to change your appearance, but you must wear them and care for them safely so you maintain top-of-the-line eye health.

This is why thousands of people are using colored contacts daily, enhancing the color of their eyes to get that snazzier look. Not only can you use colored contacts to improve your appearance, but they can allow you to express your emotions without using your lips–after all, our eyes speak louder than words.

You might even want to take cues from some of your favorite celebrities, who either have naturally blue eyes or also wear colored contacts with blue colors. For a striking effect, opt for lenses that are unnatural to your complexions, like brown contacts for pale skin and blonde hair, or blue contacts for olive skin.

Once you choose a particular color contact to wear, you need to ensure they work not only well with your hair and skin color, but with your overall appearance. Before you can pair the colored lenses with your outfit, there is a small matter of considering the color of your eyes and skin tone before you decide color of the lenses.

If you are looking for a subtler change, then enhancing colored lenses (also known as Freshlook Dimensions) might be a better choice for you, since they enhance your natural eye color instead of changing it entirely. Seeing as how you can alter the color of your hair, nail color, and lips depending on your style and tastes, why not alter your eye color as well, especially when it is perfectly safe to do so. It looks glamorous and exciting to switch up your eye color and pair it up with your makeup, or simply go plain and simple with your outfit.

Colored lenses can even present exciting possibilities, like giving you two different shades of eyes. Fashion lenses are meant to be used cosmetically, and give anyone a chance to alter their eye color in a variety of fascinating ways for different occasions, should they decide to keep the natural eye color, and they are available to both sexes. The sparkly lenses are available in an array of colors, so you can make a statement with fashion while adding appeal.

Things To Know About Naidoc Week

NAIDOC week is Australias national celebration of First Nation achievements and cultures. The National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee, also known as NAIDOC, is a committee that is responsible for organizing the activities that occur nationwide during NAIDOC week. Each year, a week beginning on the first Sunday in July is the National Aboriginal
and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) Week. NAIDOC Week is held during the first week of July (Sunday-Sunday) that includes the second Friday — historically, celebrated as Aboriginal National Day.

NAIDOC Week has its roots in Indigenous protests and activism, with Indigenous communities boycotting Australia Day, leading to a day of mourning. NAIDOC week (NAY-dok) is celebrated not only within Indigenous Australian communities, but in increasing numbers in Government agencies, schools, local councils and workplaces. NAIDOC week is an enormously significant
mark on the Australian calendar, and a particularly significant marker for Indigenous communities across Australia. Towns and cities across Australia host events throughout NAIDOC week, and people across Australia are able to celebrate with music, dance, film, and even fashion such as NAIDOC clothing.

NAIDOC is a week of celebrating Indigenous culture and heritage, honouring 65,000 years of history, uniting communities, and teaching and sharing stories to the whole of Australia. The day of reckoning is a national celebration of the international day to eliminate race discrimination. The Australian Aboriginal Progress Association has called upon all Aboriginal people at advanced stages in their civilization and culture to observe a day of Mourning in conjunction with DAY OF REJOICING by White People in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of White Peoples arrival in Australia.

The committee wishes to draw national attention to the solidarity of Aboriginal nations. The Committee has worked with Indigenous groups to showcase their cultures and histories during awards ceremonies galas.

Previous winners of NAIDOC National Week awards come from a range of different communities across Australia, with varied backgrounds, yet they are all a part of the NAIDOC story, and they all shared in their outstanding achievements. The National NAIDOC Awards recognize outstanding contributions made by Indigenous Australians in improving the lives of Indigenous peoples within and outside of their communities, or in the promotion of Indigenous issues within broader communities, or for the superiority shown in the fields chosen.

Today marks the beginning of NAIDOC week, where those of us living in the land that we now call Australia come together to honour the history, culture and achievements of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples on the land we now call Australia. Along with other commemorations, such as National Sorry Day, National Reconciliation Week, Mabo Day and Indigenous Peoples Childrens Day, this is an important opportunity to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples history, culture and achievements as a nation. Along with films and documentaries on the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, one could also turn to NITV for its week-long coverage throughout the week.

The second annual NAIDOC festival is held in southern Queensland, and features an extensive lineup of talented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, including Australians Got Talent alumnus Chris Tamwoy, a menu and tours of traditional bush food, live cultural demonstrations and workshops, a tourism information tent, market stalls, food trucks, and tons of free
family-friendly activities for kids, including arts & crafts, games, and painting boomerangs, just to name a few. For many Indigenous people, NAIDOC week balls are a highlight of the year, with hundreds to thousands travelling hundreds of kilometres to reconnect with family, to network, and to meet others from their communities. What typically happens is lots of celebrations and outdoor community activities, celebrating not just Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders history and progress, but paying tribute to elders from their clans and families, and understanding the continuing presence of Indigenous Australia in the societies in which we have all worked and lived in today.

NAIDOC week is where these discussions can happen, and where many people should get involved with what Australia stands for — not just New Australia, and having Australia Day, which is hugely contentious today, but to understand why those things need to be discussed anyway. Events like Sorry Day, Mabo Day, and NAIDOC week are helping shine a light on some of the issues/successes that Indigenous Australia has experienced, and encouraging all Australians to get involved in having conversations about it.

This years host city was Alice Springs, where the NAIDOC ball and the NAIDOC awards were meant to stand as platforms for celebrating success, building for a better future, and reminding all of Australias 65,000-year-old history. The National NAIDOC Poster Competition has become a signature feature of National NAIDOC Week, and has a rich and meaningful history. In 1991, the Committee, wanting to acknowledge Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures, left the week and was renamed the NAIDOC, the National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee.

The following year, 1956, the second Sunday of July became Aboriginal Remembrance Day, and provided a pivotal date for the NAIDOC week (then called Naidoc), which remains to this day. After 1940-1955, Aboriginal Peoples Day was moved to the first Sunday of July, with Aboriginal Peoples Day becoming a day to celebrate their rich culture. In 1955, Aboriginals Day was
moved to the first Sunday in July, after it was decided that Aboriginals Day should be a celebration of Aboriginal culture including Aboriginal cuisine, Aboriginal clothing or Aboriginal movies, not a protest — or, some believed, a removal of protests from Australia Day. The theme for NAIDOC week this year is Always Be Always Will Be, which Sophie Coppenhall thought was a very good line, which illustrated a continuity in the story, that is at the core of their culture itself.

How to dress streetwear in Melbourne

melbourne streetwear

Knowing how to shape street fashion in 2022 is a great skill to have. Mastering streetwear style doesn’t happen overnight, but our 10 tips will make it easier for you to develop your sense of style. By the end of this article, you will be unstoppable when it comes to street style and its latest trends, and you will be able to create your looks with your eyes closed. If you want to dominate streetwear, you need to come up with some designer labels and styles of your own to make each look your own.

If you want to incorporate some urban elements into your look, take the above tips into account, keep streetwear origins in mind, and simply browse through the various clothing items available.

Some brands and clothes have become a streetwear staple that you can’t go wrong with. Giants like Nike and Adidas are more popular than ever, and both have adapted to current streetwear trends. Because clothing, outfit and streetwear brands are now taking over the fashion industry.

Streetwear is one of the fastest-growing and most powerful trends in fashion. Melbourne streetwear competes with other fashion trends and has been on the rise ever since. Relegated to the international fashion world, he is now a ready-to-wear winner, winning bestsellers year after year. Streetwear gives you more freedom and creativity than most fashion fields, and these golden rules always apply.

This image only works for Instagram influencers who are probably still too young to lead. The look of urban streetwear is heavily influenced by the wearer’s personality and personal style, but in a casual and effortless manner. It would be hard to believe that the streetwear style would one day be featured in the biggest fashion shows and that it would have such notoriety in the industry.

Real streetwear is more about comfortable clothes, baggy cuts and simple colors; this is your go-to look for the weekend when you want to relax on the couch but still look stylish. Streetwear is flexible, but streetwear is still about having clothes that fit you well and the right colors/patterns. Even though he may have a mortgage, he feels even more comfortable in a

hoodie than a suit. Sometimes modern and futuristic, sometimes retro or vintage, there’s only one thing that’s true about streetwear, and that’s the fact that it strikes the perfect balance of style and comfort.

Street fashion is something that does not have strict rules, but constantly develops and evolves in accordance with the street (or, to put it a little less banally, the external influences of pop culture and subcultures). Like it or not, the street fashion movement is here to stay. Streetwear is not a fashion trend, but a fashion component of a broader popular culture shift that embraces fashion, art, and music.

In this article, we introduced you to the hottest trends in modern streetwear. For more inspiration, check out our top 2022 streetwear fashion brands. Check out some famous streetwear brands and designers like Vetements, Raf Simons, Supreme or Stussy just to name a few. Check out some of the best street style outfits below for inspiration on how to flaunt different looks year round.

Style is the king of streetwear, but it’s always good when that style is also functional. Loose dresses are a timeless classic in any street wardrobe. For hip-hop streetwear, consider skinny jeans in blue or black but with a wider top. You can be in a suit or a bikini, and if you wear the right pair of Jordans with streetwear shorts, you will celebrate streetwear culture.

Think 80s and 90s hip hop style with a modern twist and you have a pretty solid concept to start building your streetwear look. Streetwear is all about mix and match; products from different brands and cultures that together reflect your alliances and interests. Like classic Japanese street style, American style brings its own distinct cultural elements.

Inspired by New York hip-hop fashion and the relaxed California lifestyle, streetwear combines elements of sportswear with everyday essentials; think varsity jackets paired with a classic white t-shirt, or sweatpants paired with a cropped leather jacket. Inspired by all of the most avant-garde and rule-breaking fashion subcultures, from Japanese street style to Southern

California’s surf and skate culture, streetwear is the de facto modern uniform. Modern streetwear came from the skatepark, and designers have recycled old pieces – sweatshirts, cargo pants, sneakers – into things you wouldn’t want to risk on concrete.

Streetwear is often built around casual wear and comfy pieces like jeans and T-shirts, as well as sweatshirts and sneakers. The term streetwear refers to a particular style of street fashion that has its roots in Californian and skate culture, but also incorporates elements of hip hop, modern high fashion, and haute couture. Men’s street fashion can be a bit of a minefield if you don’t know what you’re doing. The difference between modern streetwear and the fashion world is not about sneakers and a bag, but about who determines the taste.

A street fashion aficionado has just as much power as an industry insider to determine what is popular. Street fashion fans are vocal and have the tools, especially social media, to spread their views and have a noticeable impact on trends. With the announcement of the new movie The Matrix coming out this year, these superb styles are making a comeback.

A must-have for fashion editors, it’s hoodie pairs best with chinos, which are easier to see on skaters (who have no idea what fries are) than with trousers and sneakers from the same brand.

What you need to know about Dad Caps and Streetwear

Melbourne Streetwear

Brand initials, special logos, and designs are all the rage right now and you can choose caps to match your style. Baseball caps with an elegant design in leather and suede in soft colors were widely presented on the catwalks. In addition to the Off-White apparel, the collection also includes a baseball cap and a flap bag in the same watercolor style as some of the garments. The collection starts at $380 for a baseball cap and goes up to $1,380 for a flap bag.   

If that’s your jam, the modern dad cap is a fertile playground. Keep in mind that these are casual wear – limit yourself to a combination of a T-shirt, jeans, and a jacket. You’ll look like a baseball coach at a press conference when you wear a modern tailored dad cap in Australia. Don’t buy leather – it will make you look like an Irish mafia, and leather hats in this form are not very comfortable.   

A hat is not only a suave way to complete a look, but also a versatile and functional men’s accessory suitable for any season. Panama hats have been a streetwear favorite for years because of the urban look they create. The bucket hat gets its name (surprise surprise) from the appearance of an inverted bucket with slightly flared edges.   

As always… NANA JUDY pushes the boundaries of premium streetwear in terms of design, aesthetics, innovation, and quality. Offering the best styles and brands, from the largest playground in the world to Stateside Sports, Stateside Sports works closely with New Era, Mitchell & Ness, and 47 Brand to offer the best selection of baseball caps. We have a collection of baseball caps from the most famous international and Australian brands.  

Our limited edition shirts, baseball caps, and shoes are sure to have a place in your treasured collection. We maintain close links with some of the most innovative designers locally and internationally, so we can always provide our loyal customers with the latest in clothing, shoes, and accessories. We’re also inspired by sports and some of the best athletes past and present who have left their mark on some of the most coveted footwear and apparel. We have a huge selection of accessories including hats, belts, watches, socks, bags, and more to complete your look.    

The popularity of vintage movies on television and the celebrities are seen wearing the headdress transformed the flat cap from its humble roots of peasants and chimney sweeps of the 1930s into a fashionable new hat status. This eye-catching everyday collection speaks to Virgil Abloh’s mission to make streetwear more acceptable in the world of designer luxury. Born and raised in the heart of Melbourne’s streetwear and fashion, our store has witnessed the various changes and new trends that street style has gone through.    

From established and popular names in the fashion industry such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma to independent labels such as Emperor Apparel, Gianni Kavanagh, DGK, and King Apparel, our store has curated collections that will please even the most tired of streetwear. Bring pleasure and pleasure lovers. We continue to explore what you need to know about brands from around the world in Australia and New Zealand. Australia and New Zealand are closely watching our efforts to bring you the hottest brands from around the world.    

As a testament to the regional and global success of I Love Ugly, the brand now operates a flagship store in Los Angeles in addition to its four-door home in New Zealand. While the Zambezi seems to have found its center in the ocean region – with flagship stores in New Zealand and Australia – Zambezi remains one of the best-guarded secret regions, as it has yet to gain its full resonance around the world. The Zanerobe-inspired design is an equivalent reflection of the “Australian coolness” that recently made Zanerobe a leader.  

Australian fashion brand Ksubi founder George Gorrow contacted his New York friend and gallery owner George Benias to found Cocurata. Chronicles of Never stylist Gareth Moody began working for Australian fashion label Ksubi before deciding to go his own way.   

New dad cap designs are selling out fast, so it’s best to sign up for the newsletter to catch them. Hat styles get as creative as the people who wear them, but these are the basic principles you need to know to stay classy and classy. This change separates streetwear from traditional clothing styles. 

High-quality felt hats retain their shape and color over time compared to discount department store options. From hats and Panama hats to expensive hair clips and festivals Panama hats, hats, and hair accessories seem to be all over social media lately, but don’t call it a comeback. Against all odds, the daddy’s hat has shattered that cultural standard, and 2017 looks like older men are once again becoming dressed heavyweights. It looks like Snapback has taken a backseat to dad’s hat over the past year. 

Specialty headwear brands like Akubra are experienced and don’t dilute their attention with other ranges, and these are the companies that deserve your attention (and dollars). Moreporks’ nostalgic yet austere take on streetwear includes New Zealand staples ranging from camping hats and outerwear-inspired work shirts to sportswear like rugby shirts, which are an essential part of any true Kiwi collection.

How To Stop Ageing


Some studies suggest that the effects of ageing can be reversed. So if you want to slow down the aesthetic effects of ageing, you shouldn’t be ashamed. But there are steps you can take and lifestyle changes to slow it down. These are things out of your control, but there are many things you can influence to slow down skin ageing.


But even if your family’s skin is prone to wrinkling, you can still control your skincare and how well it ages. While wrinkles are inevitable at some point, taking good care of your skin can keep you wrinkle-free for as long as possible. When your skin doesn’t have the hydration or volume it had before, it may also make it more prone to wrinkles.


Many facial moisturizers contain sunscreen and can be applied before daytime makeup. Dermatologists recommend using suncare with a minimum SPF of 30 as a key part of anti-ageing skincare.


Protect yourself from sun exposure, it is known to damage your skin, leading to premature ageing and wrinkles.


Living in a heavily polluted environment and not caring for your body can contribute to premature ageing. To prevent ageing, you need to avoid habits that can speed up this process. However, you can slow it down and help prevent age-related diseases by adopting a healthy lifestyle.


Living a healthy lifestyle that includes plenty of exercises, a healthy diet, and a good night’s sleep can greatly improve the productivity and health of older adults. Tasty, nutritious food and staying healthy are just a few of the health goals that research shows can promote healthy ageing.


There are many proven ways to increase lifespan while staying healthy into old age, even if that doesn’t necessarily mean reversing your biological age. More and more research is focusing on strategies that can fight ageing at its core: the cellular processes that contribute to age-related diseases and changes in our appearance as we age. Medical researchers have used various means to slow down the ageing process, prevent the onset of age-related diseases, and extend normal life spans.


Before delving into the possibility that scientists can reverse the ageing process, it is important to understand the human ageing timeline. While the researchers hope that the promising results from reprogrammed mice could someday be transferred to humans, it will likely take decades of work before age change in humans becomes anything of reality. So far, no ageing-focused company has seen progress in reprogramming-based therapies in human clinical trials. With hundreds of millions of dollars raised by wealthy investors just to fund the field of reprogramming, the next few years could prove promising for research on age change.


But in theory, epigenetic reprogramming should work in mice and humans at any age, says lead author Alejandro Ocampo, adding that over time, cells of centenarians could also be rejuvenated. But even so, there are concerns that the reversal of ageing in cells could lead to uncontrolled cell proliferation, leading to cancer.


A new study suggests that, at least in mice, it may be possible to slow or even reverse ageing by reversing changes in gene activity — changes caused by decades of human life. Kaberlein said the study shows that not only can ageing be slowed, but it can also be reversed.


Some scientific experiments using human cells and simple organisms have shown that the ageing process can be reversed. Reverse ageing technology can provide important benefits for human longevity and health.


How To Get Youthful Skin


Make sunscreen the first step in your skincare routine; when applied to bare skin, it binds to cells, increasing their effectiveness. Whether you have dry, oily, combination, sensitive, or anything in between, you should never skip a moisturizer if you want to look younger and keep your skin youthful. While water helps your skin stay hydrated from the inside out, you can also help it by consistently using the right type of moisturizer.


Moisturizer locks in water in our skin, giving it a more youthful appearance. The moisturizer also improves the texture and tone of the skin, making it look younger over time. Moisturizing the skin in the morning and evening will increase skin hydration and prevent dryness and flaking. And be sure to use a daily moisturizer to increase skin elasticity and keep it hydrated.


If your body is dehydrated, your skin will appear dull, dry and patchy. Dehydration quickly dries and dulls the skin, worsening wrinkles and ageing. UV rays damage elastin in the skin, resulting in a sagging and dull appearance, wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin tone, and more.


Constant exposure to UV rays accelerates the ageing process of the skin and causes dark spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Repeated tanning leads to premature wrinkles, age spots and even skin cancer, as UV rays accelerate the ageing process and make the skin thick and damaged. Damage caused by UV rays (UVA and UVB rays) is responsible for about 90% of the visible signs of skin ageing.


The skin absorbs toxic chemicals (which often happens when you spray cleaners on surfaces) and this speeds up the skin’s ageing process. Your skin needs to get rid of dead cells to breathe easier and look fresher, and exfoliation helps in this process.


Exfoliate your face two to three times a week for smoother, younger-looking skin. Continued use of the product as recommended can result in younger-looking skin, so give it time to work. Either way, it’s time to take the following skin care tips for younger-looking skin and use them to create a daily regimen that will give you confidence in your complexion and help you look younger for the long haul.


There are many very simple things you can do to keep your complexion and skin youthful, no matter what birthday you recently celebrated.


Even people who already show signs of premature skin ageing can benefit from lifestyle changes. By taking some preventive measures, we can slow down the effects of this type of ageing on our skin. Our environment and lifestyle can lead to premature skin ageing.


However, environmental and lifestyle choices can sometimes lead to premature skin ageing. Genes and the environment play an important role in the ageing process and can prevent you from having youthful skin. Thus, a smart approach to achieve younger-looking skin and graceful ageing is to take care of your skin, wear suncare and take a balanced approach in your life.


But the truth is, your skin changes as you age, and taking care of your complexion with the right skincare routines and skincare products is the secret to looking younger in the future. While you should stay out of the sun and eat blueberries, there are many other things you can do to keep your skin clear, smooth, and youthful when you reach the age when wrinkles and age spots should be part of your age. But there are many other seemingly harmless daily habits and activities that you may not be aware of that make your skin look older.

Street Fashion Trends To Look Out For in 2022

Street fashion

A shift towards a more creative and authentic style has been taking place during the pandemic, but as Fashion Week returned to pre-time chaos, it was fair to assume that the street style scene would resume its excesses as well. The pandemic has had a decisive impact on fashion trends: designers are not limited to sweatpants and slippers to come up with stunning creations for the coming year. Most of the styles you’ll see in stores seep onto the runways – after a challenging series of virtual shows during the pandemic, fashion is finally back on the runways in September 2021.
Now scroll down to see the list of fashion trends that will be back in fashion for summer 2021. With my newfound love for men’s shopping in mind, I took the liberty of picking up the best men’s fashion trends 2022 that just about anyone can wear. . If you’ve come looking for the most daring and daring men’s fashion trends of 2022, you’ll find… a few here. But in fact, as we compiled these annual menswear temperature checks year after year, they morphed a bit from the Capital T trend report we see around the world to a looser selection of “Things We Love” and “Want wear”. it is now.
Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe for the new season or just want some inspiration, these trends are sure to give you something to aim for. Here are the spring 2022 street style trends you want to be ready for this season. Whether you’re wearing comfy slacks or muted neutrals, 2022’s fashion trends are set to explode again. Miniskirts, shorts, sexy dresses, off-the-shoulder tops, baseball caps, baggy jeans, cropped pants, off-the-shoulder dresses, basketball bags, hipsters, flared jeans, stilettos, fishnet bodysuits, tunics, tracksuits, flares Pants, bomber jacket, grey blazer, leopard print, plaid, flared pants, feathers, clogs, sweatpants, shoulder bag, XL tote, brooch, vintage sneakers, high-top sneakers, low-heeled faded dress: Just to name a few things that are back on trend in summer 2021.
Seen on the catwalks with baggy jeans and low-cut skirts, we expect this fashion trend to be the hottest of spring 2022. Trends to look out for include bold neon colors, lots of green, and oversized s

A look back at the street fashion styles from Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Week is a great way to predict what’s trending in the months ahead. If there’s any way to determine what we want to wear next season, it’s to look at the street style trends from last fashion month.
It may take a while, but there are plenty of fall trends you can start using right now. Here are 10 you’ll see a lot more and where to buy the look on the main streets today. Ahead, we have six of our favorite winter trends that you can start shopping for right now. Get inspired by our trendy collections and start creating your style for the new season right now.
What you can expect includes pleated maxi skirts, bursts of fun colors, crisp varsity styles, and iridescent pearls that remind you that the world is your oyster, even if your runway is still a hallway between your office, home, and cooking. . These menswear trends will be everywhere in 2022 and are sure to freshen up your wardrobe for the rest of the season.
To refresh your wardrobe, we asked some fashion experts about their hot fashion trends for 2022. The fashion world has been volatile for the past few years, but rest assured, the fashion trends of 2022 will wake up the fashion world. sense of style. Temperatures may still be chilly, but spring 2022 is just around the corner, and filling your wardrobe with street-style trends you want to try is a great way to predict warmer days to come. With spring just around the corner (most of the Spring 22 collection is scheduled to launch by the end of next month), here are nine trends to watch in 2022.
From feathers that light up joy to such elegant monochromes that you’ll feel chic no matter what state your home office is in, this is your socially distant FROW chair for the hottest SS21 fashion trends. It’s hard to embrace a trend of the past without feeling like you’re dressing, but this season, take a little nod from the decade instead of wearing it head-to-toe.
For winter 2021-2022, designers have found a way to style even the most comfortable items, such as down jackets and leggings. After focusing on basic unisex pieces with the mid-2010s normcore trend, the new decade-old version of all-gender clothing focuses on maximalist pieces that suit all body types, with genderless skirts, colorful jackets, sneakers, and bags that everyone can afford. wear. When this trend started in the world of tie-dye sportswear in the spring and summer of 2021, it evolved into bold color blocks. Whether it’s textures and layers like Pradas crew neck sweaters or classic Louis Vuitton color blocks, there’s a monochromatic makeup style for everyone.
Pair it with jeans, light skirts, jersey dresses, or matching trousers – in short, with almost anything. This intersection calls for both bold and bold looks, as well as comfort-oriented oversized silhouettes and sportswear that work in the evening (hello suits).

Next year will be a bold color pack full of optimism, as well as skirts and micro jackets that show we’re officially out of hiding. So now that you know what to expect in summer 2021, if you want to see what’s new for the new season, check out the top summer 2021 trends and winter 2021 trends. The fashion trends of the 1990s and early 2000s are making a comeback. Melbourne Streetwear labels are particularly ahead in bringing back this trend. In recent years, we’ve seen this nod to a resurgence of bucket hats in a variety of styles and colors.
Designers are creating more big boy shirts and trendy suits. And reality shows like Queer Eye showmen of all shapes and sizes how they can dress to fit their figure while still being stylish. Style icons like Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes, and Billy Porter are going against the status quo to prove that men like you can be a person in 2022.
Style-conscious folks have been playing with flared pants for a minute now, but they’ll be making a comeback in 2022. Apparently, the comeback tunic wasn’t enough, as another ugly trend is back in vogue. Summer – a long top with wide pants. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like this ugly styling trend. Designers like Etro put prints, colors, and cropped turtlenecks in one show, which means that as long as you’re wearing a turtleneck of some sort, you’re not going to break the trend.

Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Australian Skincare

natural beauty

Investigate your natural beauty, Australia creates powerful and truly natural skincare products that provide a radiant, healthy glow without the use of harmful toxins.


natioHarnessing the power of pure, skin-enhancing botanical extracts is the ethos of Australian made skincare, and natural skincare products and the results they provide definitely bear this out.


It is about using multipurpose products and beautiful natural ingredients to nourish the skin. Beauty that’s easy to prepare is unchallenged, so it’s no surprise that skincare enthusiasts are going crazy for natural, non-toxic products and products made with ingredients that look like they’ve been picked straight from sunny gardens.


Whether you’re thinking of detoxifying your cosmetic routine (and not sure where to start) or looking for new essentials to live without, we’ve reached out to several Australian pure beauty experts to share with you. ingredients, natural beauty products – and the products that contain them – that are “destined” to be a big hit in the United States.


Plum Kakadu is one of the most popular plants in the Australian skincare scene. This herb is a particularly interesting discovery for advanced skin rejuvenation. Containing ingredients such as tazman pepper, algae seeds and wild plum, this quintessentially Australian product will moisturize your skin and reduce pigmentation.


This hairline prides itself on vegan formulations based on Australian ingredients such as cockatoo plum, olive leaf extract and grape seed extract. The line also includes serious skincare products designed to simplify daily life and make skin glow with crushed pearl powder, jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid.


Organic and natural skincare products can help make your skin look beautiful. Natural products are gentle on the skin, as they do not contain aggressive and astringent components.


These natural ingredients enable Australian cosmetics companies to create powerful paraben- and phthalate-free products. The strength of Australian cosmetics companies lies in their access to unique natural plants and nutrients that make their products particularly potent, such as Kakadu Plum, a natural and incredibly potent source of Vitamin C, and Lime Caviar, a natural product that is rich in AHA and does not contain any irritants. … exfoliation. The Australian way is to use 100% natural ingredients gathered from nature in all aspects of your life, and this is no exception when it comes to makeup. With the advent of pure beauty (i.e. without toxins and chemical ingredients), the need for natural alternatives has arisen as a result of a movement inspired by organic plant-based skincare products and sun-free tanning products using only organic ingredients derived from ethical and local sources.


Well, in addition to the wellness benefits, a clean cosmetic approach to your daily skincare (more on toxins click here), by investing in Australian organic skincare, you also keep local businesses thriving by investing in sustainable and certified ethical practices and buying natural and organic herbal ingredients from home soil. When you choose to use only the best organic skincare products made here in Australia, you are choosing to make your skin look and feel good without any harmful toxins, but you will get the best results if you stick to a healthy diet. We source the most natural healing and nutritional products from around the world to create skincare products that are so pure you can eat them.


It gives me great joy to develop powerful skincare products that help revitalize, rejuvenate and revitalize skin using ingredients unique to Australia.


Australia is also synonymous with pristine beaches, fresh air, abundant ingredients and amazing natural phenomena-inspiring everyday life and ultimately inspiring products that women use every day.


Therefore, it should come as no surprise that their immersion in this organic beauty has resulted in the creation of the finest natural beauty products.


Coloured Contact lenses


Contact Lenses 
Contact lenses are utilized as a medical alternative for glasses. While this is their main purpose, they are being used more so as a fashion accessory due to the large array of colours and styles available for purchase now. There are an infinite numbers of colours to choose from giving users the freedom to change their appearance or style on the go. They allow wearers to have a different eye colour for photo opportunities. Aesthetically, these coloured contact lenses are able to be used with outfits to make new and different looks.
Here are some great tips to help you when you’re trying to think of how you can implement some vibrant contact lenses into your style.

  1. Go for beyond normal colours for your wardrobe.
  • Brown, grey or other dull colours can make your outfit look bland or plain. Make your eye colour pop by using brighter more vibrant colours, such as green, blue or hazel. These colours stand out more and will draw attention to you.


  1. Find a colour that suits your skin tone.
  • If you want to try something a little more in your comfort zone then matching your contacts to your complexity can serve as a foundation for doing something new. Finding a suitable colour of a contact lens will complement the features of your face. It will also enhance the colour of your skin, which will make the wearer feel more confident.


  1. Play with the chance by match it with your outfit.
  • Are you looking for something cute and fashionable? One way to do so is to match your contact lens with the colour of your outfit. Usually, what colour you are wearing would be your mood for the whole day. If the user does not have the same colour of contact lens with the outfit, they can find a colour that will coordinate with the look. The contact lens will make the user look fashionable and creative.


Changing a regular look with a contact lens 

Based on the phrase, “Your eyes are the window to your soul,” people tend to look at your eyes with the hope to unfold something about your mystery.

Eyes are expressive. A stare can easily give away the emotions of a person. Just like how people dress up based on their mood, the same goes for your eyes.

People love using colours and designs to express their creativity. With how one chooses and uses contact lenses, self-expression becomes free. Contact lenses give people the ability to express themselves in ways they had not previously been able to.

For example anime lovers are able to purchase glow in the dark contacts, so that they may look like their favourite anime character.

When you use Contact lenses to match your outfit, you automatically stand out from the crowd. Wearing contact lenses is like wearing a different set of eyes. Models and celebrities also use contact lenses for fashion. Contact lenses can refresh a look instantly, especially when the colour chosen suits the user’s skin tone. It can also go with your outfit or just be an accessory to your look. Wearing coloured contact lenses will help you be confident. Some may feel powerful, while some may feel beautiful. To simply put, wearing contact lenses can be a way to communicate with your eyes with style. Whether it be black, blue, green, or brown, as long as it satisfies the idea of the look you are going for, as long as it made your regular outfit somehow special, you are good to go.

Celebrate Post Lockdown with Contacts

Coloured Contact Lenses to Celebrate Post Lockdown

Contact focal points can be something imperative you should have and wear whenever and anyplace, to manage your eye vision issue. In this way, it’s to be expected, if you need to wear it on an uncommon event, similar to a family assembling or even gathering. Presently, talking about the gathering, there are not many things that you have to do or get ready, so the contact focal points won’t give you any issue, while you appreciate the gathering.

You should realize that for some events – like a gathering – you will wear a contact lens for a long time which will make your eyes dry. If the gathering is held around evening time, that is the point at which your body needs to get hydrated the most. Dry eyes can without much of a stretch happen during this time. In this way, you should set up these things underneath, to maintain a strategic distance from the issue.

Contacts and Makeup

Cosmetics is an unquestionable requirement on the off chance that you need to look incredible at the gathering that you join in. To dodge the issue, ensure you wash your hand neatly, and afterwards dry it. From that point forward, you can wear the contact focal points. The contact focal points likewise can assist you with shielding your eyes from any cosmetics substance that can enter your eyes. This substance can cause a portion of the issues, similar to disturbance and others. Did you know that coloured contacts are a makeup routine for many?Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured Contact Lenses

Hued contact focal points are an incredible item on the off chance that you need to make an alternate and alluring appearance. You will require it when you need to look incredible at the gathering. There are likewise many contact focal points items that can give you extraordinary change in your appearance by wearing them. For instance, you can pop in vampire contacts for a new look at your post-lockdown party. This item has a decent shading that will give you a cool appearance simply through your eyes.

Furthermore, for that shaded contact focal point, you likewise need to give it similar treatment as the recommended contact focal points. Thusly, cleaning, and putting away the contact focal points appropriately is something imperative to do. For this reason, you additionally need to carry the unit to do that cycle whenever you need, including when you have a great time at the gathering. Numerous items can assist you with doing that, for example, Auto Lens Cleaner HL-600.

Eye Care

The provisions, similar to eye drops, additional contact focal points, and other contact focal point units will assist you with appreciating the gathering. You can pick and bring the item that you can undoubtedly convey, for instance, the Rohto Lycee Eye Drops. This item has a little size and adorable plan. The item bottle configuration appears as though a fragrance bottle. Thus, it will look great, with your style. 

Removing Contact Lenses

Presently, after you make some extraordinary memories at the gathering, take your contact focal point off once you return home. If you wear an expendable contact focal point, toss the pre-owned contact focal point and let your eyes rest. That will assist with staying away from any eye issues, for example, dry eyes and eye strain. Presently, you are prepared to make the most of your gathering and won’t have any issue with your contact focal points.

How Wire Shelves can help your Fashion Business

wire shelves

Wire shelves come in all shapes and sizes, depending on your choice and preference you can go for one that best suits your business needs. As the name suggests, this category of shelves is entirely made up of wires. The decking is built using welded wire mesh that has been further supported by metallic poles which have slightly small diameters. These types of shelves can adapt to almost any environment and this is just one of the reasons why they are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings. If you are in the fashion industry, here are some tips on how wire furniture can improve your business.

Sleek Look

Wire shelves made from stainless steel are particularly attractive. With the correct arrangement, they can give your business a professional and organized look. This further creates an open-concept design which allows customers to have dimensional views of all the products that you are showcasing.

Low Cost of Ownership

When compared to the other shelving options such as wooden shelves, wire shelves are relatively cheap. This is because the materials used in making wire shelves – which in most cases is just simple wires – is available at a low cost compared to the price of wood. This makes wire shelves very convenient, especially in the early stages when you are kick-starting your career in the fashion industry.

Saves on Space

Another benefit that you can get from using wire shelves is that you only need a small space for setting it up. Most of these shelves are designed with a taller length and a smaller width; this allows you to maximize the vertical space rather than taking up a lot of floor space. With this arrangement, you can have as many shelves as you want while having enough room to move around (provided your business space is large enough, to begin with).


These types of shelves come in a wide range of styles, giving you the privilege of choice. Depending on the design that you like, you will find shelves with different numbers of storage compartments. Some also have additional features like wheels, which make them very easy to move around. Instead of carrying the clothes you can simply wheel them while neatly placed on the shelves.

Easy Reconfiguration

A fashion business may need tune-ups from time to time and wire shelves allow you to do that without breaking a sweat. Compared to wooden shelves which in most cases have to be permanently fixed on the floor or on walls, wire shelves can easily be moved. This is because they are not permanently fixed. You can easily move them around giving you the opportunity to come up with any arrangement that you prefer.

Easy Cleaning

Spills can easily be wiped off without leaving any permanent marks on the shelves. As a result, there will be no cases of clothes having stains. This can be a good way to reduce losses that may result from damage caused by unwanted stains.

Element Proof

Moisture has no effect on wire shelves (compared to wooden shelves which may suffer serious damage due to moisture). This makes wire shelves last longer, so you will not have to worry about making replacements. To get the best from this it is recommended that you go from stainless steel – which is resistant to rust.

In addition to being moisture proof wire shelves can also not be affected by fires. They are almost indestructible. Another noticeable advantage is that the open design of wire shelves can allow water sprinklers to put off fires compared solid wood shelving which may block water and at the same time fuel the fire.

Lawyer Dress Code for Both Men and Women

proper lawyer attire

Lawyer Dress Code for Both Men and Women

Lawyers are professionals whose dress code and attire choice speaks volumes to the masses. For this reason, lawyers are bound by specific dress codes to ensure they are properly dressed for each occasion. A lawyer’s dressing choice is meant to promote respect and professionalism in the legal profession. Skimpily dressing in court procedures by both male and female lawyers is big turnoff not only to the judge and the client but also to the public. Therefore, there is a proper dressing guideline for lawyers to uphold within the profession, to enhance dignity and respect. 

Lawyers are meant to dress for both court proceedings and outdoor activities such as meeting clients, researching in the library, or a public gathering. Throughout all these occasions, lawyers should stand out in their attire and still be professional. Traditionally, lawyers were known to wear formal suits with neutral colours, and recently the same rule applies, however, it has been slightly adjusted to fit the present needs.

Male Lawyer’s Dress Code

A commercial lawyer’s typical day mostly involves being in the office, meeting clients, or being in court. Therefore, to be fully prepared for any of these occasions, the following dress code should be followed:

Formal Business Dressing

Lawyers are majorly mandated to wear formal business suits. Male lawyers particularly should have a white dress shirt, neutral colour tie, and grey, navy or black trousers. While in court, on top of their clothing, they should have the black gown, while band, and bib on.

Casual Dressing

When in a non-business occasion, male lawyers can drop the formal suits and wear presentable casual clothing. This may include a golf shirt, khaki or any casual trousers, a sports jacket or cotton sweater. These clothes may be worn in an outdoor gathering event.


Shoes worn by lawyers should be chosen appropriately. In most instances, leather shoes are the best industry-standard with the colour black being preferable. This is because it can be easily paired with black, brown, or grey socks. Also, in informal events, lawyers can wear loafers.


Choice of accessories and perfumes should be minimal among lawyers. Industry standards demand professional pins and clips. Additionally, having a professional watch is acceptable. Also, a lawyer should have mild cologne, little jewellery on, and a tidy haircut and facial hair. Lastly, a lawyer should have a professional briefcase to carry required legal documents in any proceedings.

Female Lawyer’s Dress Code

In the past, women were rarely found representing cases in court. However, recently, more women are seen in the arena, and thus a standardised dress code needs to be established.


Formal Dressing

When carrying out legal activities, female business lawyers are required to dress formally for the occasion. This includes business suits with skirts past the knee so that less leg is shown. Moreover, the skirt or trouser worn should not be body-hugging but decent. Also, bright-coloured clothing should be avoided when in court. A white sweatshirt and a black or grey coloured skirt are preferred.

Casual Dressing

Female lawyers are allowed to dress casually on non-formal occasions. This may include dresses, silk trousers, blouses, polo shirts, and a V neck sweater. 

Shoes and Accessories

Wearing stilettos is forbidden in a formal court proceeding. Instead, a female lawyer should wear low heeled formal shoes like pumps. Also, female lawyers are advised to keep their accessories minimal. This involves having less jewellery and applying less cologne and makeup.

Moreover, hair can be kept long or short if it’s neatly kept and looks professional. Applying bright coloured dyes or having childlike hairstyles is not encouraged among female lawyers. Also, one should opt to have a professional-looking briefcase for legal purposes.

Despite all these rules regarding a lawyer’s dress code, there are some generally unacceptable clothing that applies to both parties such as:

  1. Shorts or jeans
  2. Tight-fitting attire
  3. T-shirts with promotional writing
  4. Gym clothes, sweatshirts, or sweat suits
  5. Cargo pants
  6. Crazy prints and colours

From the above, one can easily deduce that in order to stand out as a lawyer, one should dress appropriately for each occasion as is demanded.



Shopping for a new wardrobe after breast augmentation

pexels photo 815996

Virtually every girl after breast implants is thrilled when confronted with the prospect of apparel shopping to complement their body contour. It is a breakthrough feeling when you are finally able to select clothes with fashions and cuttings you have been daydreaming about or had not had the guts to flaunt it. It’s time to complete this clothing with confidence, but before you step into the shop, we’d bet you will be challenged with any questions regarding your new bust line. Where should you begin? What dimensions would suit you?

Here are our top strategies for putting your very best cleavage forward.

Say bye-bye to older bras.

You might have sweet sorrow partings with your old bras especially your favourite ones, but after you’re discharged from your bandages and permitted to wear a bra, you will need to think about comfort and support besides aesthetics to your new breast size and shape. It’s time for a professional bra fitting session that you should reward yourself; after all, your primary goal after a breast augmentation procedure is to attain a flattering image of your curves. Throughout your new bra shopping venture, you need to be on the lookout for bras with cups which are specially designed to accommodate bigger, augmented breasts and take some opportunity to try on different styles because a variety could agree with your breasts. But you should take precaution selecting underwire bras because wearing it too soon may lead to distress or other complications arising from the underwire pressure.

Having previously left that low neckline wrap dress, the curve-hugging blouse or t-shirt on your previous shopping ventures, it is time to have fun in the fitting room looking out those real clothing that has captured your eyes ever since pre-breast enhancement procedure. Don’t forget to check out yourself at various angles in various styles and take some pictures so you can see yourself in another perspective. Afternoon shopping well-spent for the new you’re an excellent pick-me-up confidence booster.


Improving with accessories

To bring attention to your neckline and enhanced chest, try adorning layered or long necklaces that curtains against your torso but if you are daring enough, why not try on attention-grabbing coloured chunkier bracelets? Wearing your business suit does not need to be a yawning affair. The great idea is to pin a gorgeous brooch on the lapel marginally above the bust line or to put an attractive scarf around the lapels or tying it around your neck to draw additional attention to the playground without explicitly focusing on your breasts or cleavage. Bear in mind, integrating accessories in your dressing style makes it possible to make a bold statement in addition to adding fun to all of your mornings.

Do not forget sunscreen protection.

As the torso and neck regions have thinner skin, it would be a shame to have your skin age prematurely as a result of overexposure from sunlight. Love your new curves After healing from the breast augmentation, before jetting excitedly off to your new wardrobe shopping trip, remember to start with clothing that will make you feel comfortable besides looking your best. Do not force yourself to accept fashions you are not yet prepared for.

After all, you finally have the shape you have long desired, give yourself time adjusting to the realisation of a long time fantasy. If you’re thinking of a breast augmentation, why don’t you drop by our medical centre and also have an extensive consultation with our skilled physician to discover if it’s perfect for you?

If you have any questions or queries after the surgery, contact your doctor who performed the breast augmentation for advice.

Make an informed decision about cheek fillers

pexels photo 356054

It’s normal to experience a reduction of facial volume and skin elasticity as we age. New lines and wrinkles form and deepen, and your skin may seem hollow and saggy. If reduction of cheek fullness and a sagging jawline are the problems, cheek fillers may be the solution you’re looking for.

While loose skin is frequently blamed for baldness, volume reduction is the principal culprit. This is the reason patients who have surgical facelifts are invited to get association-approved dermal fillers to revive lost facial volume. This contains typically cheek fillers to add youthful plumpness to the skin.

Made by the manufacturers of Botox, Juvederm fillers are comprised of lipoic acid. Various formulations provide different consequences for different individual needs and treatment areas, such as nasolabial folds, lips, and below the eyes. Juvederm Voluma was the first FDA-approved hyaluronic acid cheek filler to reach the marketplace. The volume provides patients with immediate results that last for up to two decades, which makes it one of the longest lasting fillers on the market.


Fill and Grow With Restylane Lyft
Restylane Left is just the same. As the name implies, it lifts the face to supply a more youthful appearance. But, Restylane Left can also be useful to sculpt cheeks.

Sculptra is the unique of all of the cheek fillers. It’s intended to improve results over time as it activates your body’s collagen production. Dramatic results can be achieved with this exceptional filler. Nevertheless, the slow improvement in your appearance makes the shift appear more natural. Furthermore, Sculptra can occasionally be applied as a foundation for other fillers. As collagen fibres develop, supplying the”scaffolding” under the skin, other cheek fillers and injectables can provide better results.

Every individual is different. There’s not any one-size-fits-all approach to facial rejuvenation. Cheek fillers aren’t any various. Medical history, drugs, facial structure, and skin condition are taken into account when deciding which dermal fillers are perfect for your needs. Our cosmetic injection specialists will work with you through consultation to ascertain which cheek fillers will offer you the best outcomes.

Will my cheeks look noticeably different?
When people started getting cheek implants, many people were instantly turned off by the notion of cheek augmentation. Many patients had quite dramatic and apparent consequences. With dermal fillers and specially formulated cheek fillers currently available, patients, who desire fuller lips may enjoy natural-looking outcomes.

How much do cheek fillers price?
Every filler has a different price per syringe and the quantity of filler used per individual also varies. This makes it difficult to give an estimate with no personalised consultation. We welcome you to call our clinic to learn more about pricing and schedule a meeting for an exact quote for your therapy.


T-Shirt Printing Types and Marketing

pexels photo 994523

Putting good designs on T-shirts are a good way to spice up ordinary plain T-shirts. If you have been wondering how to start producing your own printed T-shirts, we have compiled a few guides for you.

Different types Of T-Shirt Printing Approaches:

1. Display Printing using a Professional T-Shirt Printing Machine:

This is only one of the most favored t-shirts printing methods utilizing an expert t-shirt printing system. If you have got a t-shirt which has a printed picture and has remained lively, soft, and easy for long, there is a high likelihood that it had been screen printed. Meaning you are able to count in display printing for many of your t-shirt printing requirements. But, it is not the ideal alternative for everything.

Display printing is a fantastic alternative if you’re working on a massive job. But don’t rely on it as a viable choice if you’re working on one-offs or smaller amounts, like basketball team uniforms, for example.

As an example, if you would like to print hen or stag T-shirts, display printing will need you to make a new display for every t-shirt also it is going to take a great deal of time. With different printing approaches, it would not be economical.

3. Sublimation Printing:

Maybe you have encountered a t-shirt with an all-over print on it? — If yes, then that may be sublimation printing. Sublimation works best if employed for all oversize and overprinting. It is capable of altering the entire t-shirt into a fantastic piece of artwork.

With sublimation dye procedure, you are able to certainly do a galaxy printing, repeat design. However, you’ll need exceptional tops – created from 100% polyester.

4. CAD Cut Vinyl Printing:

Vinyl printing uses distinctive, soft garments that are professionally trimmed using CAD cutter along with other special programs. You then apply this substance onto your custom craft t-shirt utilizing heat media method.

The approach permits you to print one-off layouts as well as longer runs, which makes it a fantastic option for printing multiple garment kinds. Not only that but allows you to layer vinyl, making it feasible for you to print in various colors (and make brilliant designs).

Vinyl works nicely for the motto, little images, as well as words. Nonetheless, it is not acceptable for largely printed places as your t-shirt will shed its versatility.

5. Transfer Paper Procedure:

The theory behind this technique would be shifting the image from 1 surface to another, permanently. The plan is printed onto a transfer paper and utilizing the very best heat press system it gets moved to clothing. The method was initially utilized to include decorative details.

Today, it enjoys a broad use from the t-shirt printing company in addition to some other clothes. Unlike the rest of the methods we have discussed previously, this technique applies pressure and heat to place the picture in your own t-shirt.

‘Moving on. You do not have to wait until you publish your layouts on t-shirts to begin marketing them. What savvy T-shirtpreneurs do is that they produce t-shirt mockups, quantify their audience’s answer, and affirm their brand new t-shirt designs. This way if there is a favorable response you can just continue and proceed to print your t-shirts. Otherwise, it may be advisable to return to the studio and also maximize your t-shirt designs using a tool similar to this t-shirt design manufacturer for example.

These programs enable you by making it super simple to make t-shirt mockups. You simply have to decide on a t-shirt template which comes with a t-shirt version that fulfills your brand and upload your t-shirt layout to it, that is it. There are a lot of templates available, from custom basketball jerseys, long-sleeved jerseys to singlets. Compared to Photoshop, you do not need to understand how to”stick” your layout to the t-shirt on the monitor.

Alright let us give you some advertising suggestions to enhance your t-shirt company:

Hint #1: Use T-Shirt Mockups on Your Site

Maybe you have landed an apparel site and stated on the mind, oh what a gorgeous site! Most likely, you’re affected by the attractive models wearing the clothing. Web developers have specifically designed these websites to be able to help you feature amazing models on your site and nail which super-pro-look!

The online t-shirt mockups would be the go-to-mockup instrument for both beginner and advanced t-shirt sellers. Who actually gets the time and money to spend at a photo shoot and hiring versions today? T-shirt backups permit you to advertise your t-shirt company in an elegant and professional manner, without leaving your own hot, protected, and comfy home! It is rather simple to personalize online mockups. First select the template that resembles your intended audience, then decide on a t-shirt color, then upload your own t-shirt layout, and that is it! Another tip is to look at the website design; consider if the layout corresponds with how you want your brand to be associated with.

Hint #2: Boost With T-Shirt Advertisement Mockups

Can you use Facebook Advertising to market your enterprise? Otherwise, you ought to! Facebook provides a superb advertising choice to catch your next customer while they spend some time on Facebook or even Instagram. If your research informs you your target audience is the most likely utilizing these technologies, then advertisements to them via this stage is logical. Following Is a Facebook Advertising Guide for Your T-shirt Company and also an Instagram Advertising Guide for Your T-shirt Company.

The t-shirt advertisement mockups I am speaking about are essentially t-shirt mockups with text. Adding text to the picture you’ll use on your advertisements should help you lure and convince your audience to store in your site. Customize the text to inform your viewers that you have added a fresh seasonal reduction to your store or new things will come out shortly! Consult a web agency to get more tips about advertising your T-shirts online.

Hint #3: Leverage Video Marketing on a Budget

Whoever said video advertising is pricey was incorrect. Some online programs allow you to advertise your T-shirts in a video format easily. Much like with the earlier mentioned tools, you simply have to pick a template to begin then add your art, that is it. Let the program do all of the video editing required for you in only a couple of seconds. After that, you can download this movie and put it to use on your site, on social networking, on Advertising, etc.

How to do Coffee Art

latte art

Whether you want to learn for fun or are thinking about working in a breakfast café, here is how to master the breakfast menu staple of gorgeous coffee.

The milk: you want fresh and cold milk. Many Men and Women prefer full cream milk to Latte Art but it’s actually your decision, should you take advantage of an ideal technique then it will not make too much difference. Just ensure the milk is clean and directly from the refrigerator. Don’t expose it to light or heat until you steam it.

The jug: use a standard steel jug and a tea towel, make sure the jug is cooled and washed before using. Fill up the jug with sufficient milk to your cup and be certain you have sufficient milk so that you have enough time to feel the milk. Too much milk will get the milk to warm up too fast so a tiny bit more milk is better. Do not be worried about the wastage too much.

Thermometer: Use a thermometer which has a clip to attach to the jug. The thermometer ought to possess a decently sized indicator so that you can easily read it. Ensure the thermometer is set up correctly, you can achieve that by placing it in ice cold water and adjusting the dial. Ordinarily, you may fix the dial using a twist in the back. The very best way to correct your thermometer would be to compare it with a digital probe. Don’t set the thermometer in the dishwasher, the moisture will split your own valve. Additionally, it is possible to evaluate the temperature of the milk by contact.

Steam Wand: Have the steam turned all the way up at all times and purge the steam wand before you start to clear out condensation. The steam needs to have a strain of about 1 bar, the strain is connected to the temperature of the boiler. The holes that the steam tip, the greater the steam power.

Espresso: The espresso is equally as crucial as the milk. Make sure the espresso is new and has a fantastic thick and robust layer of milky froth. It gets rather tricky to produce great Latte Art without great frothy bubbles on your espresso.

Steaming Milk: Start using the steam wand within the milk. Turn on the steam thoroughly. Hold on the jug with two palms. Gradually lower the jug till the tip of the steam wand breaches the surface of the milk. You need to hear a sh-sh-sh noise. Do this for just a couple of seconds, this can be when you’re forcing the bubbles into the milk to make foam, it’s called foaming or extending. Be very cautious when you reduce the jug, you shouldn’t find any bubbles being formed. You need to listen to the foam being made but you shouldn’t see it. You just have to foam for a couple of seconds, don’t make the error to foam too much. Don’t foam over 40 degrees Celsius.

As Soon as You Have Sufficient foam add the steam wand deeper to the milk. There’s not any need to manoeuvre the jug down and up. You ought to have a whirlpool within the jug, you’re presently texturing the milk. The milk is presently twirling within the jug and some other bubbles which may be present will probably dissolve in the milk. As soon as you’ve achieved about 60 to 65 degrees Celsius turn the steam off. Then take the steam wand and then wash it using a fresh cloth.

Set the jug down with a small tap on the top. This will ruin any very small bubbles which may happen to be visible on the surface. You ought to have no more bubbles observable after this. Should you then you can gently tap the jug several instances on the counter to eliminate them. However, tapping on the jug on the counter makes the foam isn’t highly recommended. If you steam and foam the milk with the ideal technique then you shouldn’t need to tap on the jug on the countertops.

Pour the milk quickly: This Is essential since the foam will begin separating really quickly. Twist the milk around before you pour to be certain that the entire foam is blended with the milk. We recommend that you steam the milk whilst the espresso has been brewed.

Begin with the pour somewhat high. When the cup is about Half complete lower the pour near the crema and the foam must seem. Proceed from top to low and pour having a steady rate.

You need to pour the milk swiftly when possible. Hold the cup on its ear and slightly at an angle. Start pouring the milk gradually into the froth. You don’t wish to pour to gradually, this can leave the foam supporting from the jug. You also don’t need to pour too fast since this may break the frothy bubbles apart.

Start pouring the milk into the back of the cup after the Cup appears just over half complete. Now gradually but with stability move the pitcher from side to side. This can be a wrist motion and needs to be performed just marginally. The milk shouldn’t swing from side to side in the jug. Continue moving it side to side in 1 place from the cup till you find the foam seeming. If you find this happening then you’ve cracked it!

Learning how to master Latte art is a process just like Olympic wrestling training, it takes practice like strength and conditioning training that elite athletes do.

Louis Vuitton Toilet Causing a Stir

bathroom directions fern

Toilets are not just a necessity for the 21st-century bathroom anymore. They have changed from the blocked drains water leakage reputation they once had and are now making their way as an artists’ canvas. With more luxury brands choosing to take their brand to the next level, consumers are seeing everyday products such as toilet paper or a play-station controller covered in branding. An example of this is the Luis Vuitton toilet.

Just in time for Christmas, here is a gift idea for that special somebody who has absolutely everything but a Louis Vuitton-covered golden toilet. The luxurious, $100,000 commodity is totally functional and on display now at online merchant Tradesy’s new Santa Monica showroom.

Artist Illma Gore destroyed 24 different Louis Vuitton pieces to cover the toilet in the luxury designer’s signature leather. Gore said she personally loved the idea of what it felt like to cut up a $3000 tote. The urge to destroy is exactly the same as a creative impulse. She said that she would not be sitting on it personally as she believes that it’s a little extravagant for an event but individuals are going to have the ability to sit on it as well as interact with the piece.

Gore was also the performer of the contentious nude painting of Donald Trump giving him a micro-penis, entitled “Make America Great Again”, now proudly stands in the National Portrait Gallery, has created a fully-functioning golden toilet out of Louis Vuitton bags worth $20k.

The brand new Tradesy showroom is located on the ground floor of the company’s headquarters at 1217 2nd St. in Santa Monica.

It is called Loo-uis Vuitton, also you’ll be able to pick up one at Tradesy for your super-reasonable cost of $100k – the ideal buy for people that love pissing their cash. The collection also includes Hermes vases adorned with the American flag, LV-clad Abraham Lincoln busts along with a Gucci missile.

Extravagances have attained a new level with this pristine shrine, which has left many wondering who’d really dare use it. It took 3 weeks and used 24 distinct bags, valued at $15,000, along with a $3,000 bag to make this completely working toilet which would attend to your plumbing emergency, with each bit created from designer resale website Tradesy, where it is listed for sale.

And if you are feeling like your present toilet situation is not quite cutting it, then the great accessory may now be yours for $100,000. In case you were wondering, the ultra lavish bathroom hasn’t really been used. While the concept of a cheeky Louis Vuitton bathroom might appear novel, there are in fact many art style objects now making the rounds. Back in September of 2016, Supreme published a $30 brick which was shortly after recorded at $1,000 on eBay. And only yesterday, Louis Vuitton men’s artistic director Kim Jones Instagrammed a picture of a significant Louis Vuitton Supreme teddy bear available to purchase for the BBC Children in Need.

The obsession with designer monograms and trademarks was popular with DIY artists, too. Ava Nirui who has a cult Instagram following has been producing logo-inspired doodads for many years. Think toothbrushes coated in Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami monogram print and Chanel double-C-emblazoned basketballs. Imran Moosvi known on the Instagram account as@imran_potato follows the identical style and churns out covetable yet odd collectibles like a PlayStation controller boasting LV symbols to the signature pad plus a MacBook coated all with Gucci monograms. Figuring out Moosvi’s head can also be in the bathroom, so to speak: He also produced a roster of Gucci monogrammed toilet paper, just the item to go for your brand new Louis Vuitton flusher.


A Showcase for Shoes

pexels photo 318236

Whether you wear designer shoes, sneakers or slides, it is important to keep footwear organised and off the ground when they aren’t being worn. The shoes you wear say a lot about you and your style to others and the way you keep your shoes at home says a lot about your attention to detail and organisation.


Organised wardrobes don’t hide shoes on the ground or in hanging bags behind cupboard doors. One of the most renowned shoe displays is that of Beth Brenner, A New York City-based home design publication’s chief revenue officer. Brenner’s shoe collection stood out and began taking over her entire New York apartment. Vice president for California Closets, Carolyn Musher came to Brenner’s aid in shoe organisation. Musher’s solution for Brenner’s footwear affair was to create a floor-to-ceiling display showcase with built-in shoe cubbies and an adjoining nightstand for the corner of her bedroom. This custom-built cabinetry was placed between her bed and the wall, which meant eliminating the piles of shoes in the corner of her bedroom.

The first step to having a shoe cupboard is to clean the clogs out – or other shoes – which are no longer worn. Unless you have unlimited space, you need to say goodbye to shoes you no longer wear. The organisational stage is made much easier when you only hang on to the shoes you wear and love.


It’s easy to fall head over heels for a shoe closet when it’s built to your own shoe specifications, imagine a stunning glass showcase. Your wardrobe suite is your own personal boutique and your shoes are the flowers on display. For some, shoes are like wearable art, and when you’ve invested so much in them, why not have them on display when they’re not being worn?

Shoes are accessories that are a style showstoppers and a wardrobe’s centrepiece. However, even if you don’t have a big walk-in wardrobe area for shoe storage, the cardinal rule is to keep all footwear off the ground. You don’t want to have to start your day by digging around for a pair of shoes that match, the best organisational plan is to give everything its own place and keeping it there.


Most-used shoes should be placed at eye level, with lesser-used or out of season shoes placed on the wardrobe’s upper shelves or in a storage area. Your wardrobe needs to evolve with the seasons, sandals shouldn’t occupy prime position when it’s the middle of winter and you’re living in ankle boots.

While shoe wardrobes might be more closely connected with feminine footwear, men and kids are having shelves built for footwear in their wardrobes also. Being able to pick up a pair of shoes quickly is desired – regardless of who or how old you are. The key with children’s wardrobes is to take stock of shoes frequently, because they grow out of them quickly. Shoes that become too small should be stored away for younger siblings or given away promptly.


When it comes to organising shoes in your cupboard, group similar styles together, whether it’s by colour, season or heel height. Shoes can be placed on shelves, in cubbies or piled in see-through containers with lids.

An organisational system that utilises the boxes where the shoes were bought can also be executed, just be certain you don’t become lazy with your loafers by not placing them in the box and back on the shelf. Taking a photo of the shoes and affixing it to the outside of this box makes viewing your shoes a snap.

While it is easiest to construct a shoe cupboard from the bottom up, homeowners can also arrange footwear on a shoestring budget. Footwear cupboards should be as accessible and comfortable as an old shoe, but should not look like one. Higher-end closets can have shelving units or shoe screens with glamorous lighting.

However, the cupboard is not the only place that needs to be a clutter-free zone for shoes. People entering the house – either through the front or back doors – should have shoe storage that’s as well-ordered as your wardrobe. Having a place to store your shoes at the door, such as a basket or tub ensures you and your guests won’t be tripping over a pile of shoes every time you come and go.


Get Ready For the 2017 Saree Exhibition

saree exhibition

For those saree lovers, prepare for the biggest saree extravaganza scheduled to occur mid-July. An exhibition that is much looked forward to by all of the women, the Saree Festival 2017, guarantees the best out of season offers available, showcasing a range of saree’s coming all of the way from India. The Saree Festival organisers will engage a company for exhibition services to create custom showcases for the event, in an effort to ensure the saree’s are displayed as beautifully as possible.

The saree, a symbol of grace, is the traditional attire of elegant women in Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. Worn both casually and for functions, the five to nine yards of grace is often seen as the height of sophistication. Created with a number of fabrics frequently containing magnificent colour, this garment is among the most significant items of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe.

This year, Sri Lanka’s Saree Festival is offering the broadest range of Hindustan saree’s created from the most popular fabrics like handloom, silk, georgette and cotton of the most recent trend. Included in the assortment of saree’s available for display on the plinths or to buy at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre are made-up and pleated saree’s as well as bridal saree’s. Also on display is an assortment of accessories to accompany the glamorous saree’s; including jewellery, handbags, shoes and much more!

Following the success of two flagship editions of the festival in Delhi, it is Mumbai’s turn share in saree love. This exciting festival showcases the saree, which is easily the life breath of the feminine wardrobe in India, and is worn by women throughout the nation in every shape and form. While there have been a number of platforms focusing on the saree previously, they have only focused on one part of the versatile article of clothing — traditional or contemporary, classical or new age.

The Saree Festival puts together a holistic experience, bringing together an array of saree types. The first of them, obviously, would be the traditional saree’s made by weavers from various parts of India. The second, in contrast to the, is that the interpretation of the structural type of the saree by designers. The next is the fun new addition of digital prints and images to saree which are bringing saree’s into the modern fashion scene.

The festival comprises of Saree Mela, an exhibition and sale of varied saree collections, focusing mostly on Pan-Indian handloom idioms. Saree ka Gunijan Khana, the theoretical and functionality element of this Saree Festival, expects to bring together different voices and thoughts around the saree and what it means for those wearing it in a modern society.

Do not miss out on this Wonderful saree festival scheduled to take place on the 14th, 15th and 16th of July from 10.00am-8.00pm. It will be an ideal opportunity to pick from a wide assortment of exquisite saree’s particularly for people who may have a grand occasion coming up.

Factory Collapse a Warning for the Clothing Industry

catwalk fashion parade

The fatal collapse of a structure in Bangladesh has actually triggered major concerns about the fashion business’s use of sweatshops and inexpensive labour. It may be the reason you can buy shoes online for next to nothing, but it is damaging to the people who work in poor conditions to make them.

More than 380 individuals passed away when the eight-storey Rana Plaza structure collapsed on the borders of the capital recently.

Some 2,500 individuals have been rescued however hundreds are still missing, and voices of survivors have now faded from the twisted wreck.

Famous style brand names like Benetton and Mango have been linked in the catastrophe. However much more business – consisting of ones in Australia – source their items from Bangladesh, the workhorse of the worldwide fashion business, making anything from womens shoes to sari’s. They and extension builders are now under major pressure to make sure employees are not made use of or required to operate in fatal conditions.

Karen Webster, the previous head of the Melbourne Fashion Festival, states the catastrophe has impacted the regional market. I personally feel entirely ravaged about it. I believe from a fashion business viewpoint it’s been a significant wake-up call for all individuals.

She stated,“I personally feel completely devastated about it. I think from a fashion industry perspective it’s been a major wake-up call for all people”. She warned that organisations producing offshore would need to be taking a look at how their garments and women’s shoes are being produced and making certain they are being made in sufficient conditions as much of the infrastructure in third world companies does not meet Australian standards with guarantees such as owner builder insurance non-existent for new factories

The fashion business offers employment for countless individuals in Bangladesh, and represent 80 percent of the country’s export revenues. However, it can be unsafe work. In the past years, nearly 1,000 employees have been killed in accidents.

Police have jailed the owner of the structure and 3 owners of export-oriented garment factories for requiring the employees to operate in the structure in spite of it establishing noticeable fractures a day prior to the disaster. The tragedy highlights not only issues in the fashion industry but also the inadequate construction management and building standards within the country.

The owners of 3 of the factories and its 2nd storey additions based in the damaged structure have likewise been accused of carelessness triggering death. Nationally a string of Australian business consisting of Kmart, Target, Big W and Cotton On sell items that are made in Bangladesh. All state they demand rigorous standards on security and employees’ rights, and carry out routine audits of their Bangladeshi providers.

However no business seems prepared to discuss in detail simply how they guarantee safe working conditions. For David Jones there are more major ramifications because of its agreement with Spanish clothes label Mango. Mango items were made in the Rana Plaza structure, and David Jones is now reassessing its relationship with the brand name.

The outlet store states it is now talking with Mango to make sure much better requirements are fulfilled prior to the label being offered in DJ’s shops later on this year. However, that is the sort of dedication Michele O’Neil, the nationwide secretary of the Fabric, Clothes and Shoes Union of Australia, does not trust. He said, “If business aren’t revealing to the general public their supply chain and every one of their providers, there’s a reason for it.”

Several inquiries asking each business for a place of their Bangladeshi providers, and for a copy of their audit reports resulted in no information being provided. Without the names of the factories, addresses and information of the factories, it has to be asked how can it ever be individually examined and confirmed? Ms Webster hopes the catastrophe will likewise stimulate significant modification for customers.

“Maybe we need to just stop and think. Do we need so much cheap stuff in our wardrobes? Should we sit back and start buying less, buying better, buying local?” It is a valid point Ms Webster raises as it is certain that factories in Australia would never have a similar disaster occur, even for low quality products like women’s sneakers, and certainly a factory that is so structurally damaged would be flagged by several builders insurance brokers, government bodies and hopefully the employees themselves. We have to ask why we accept a lesser standard when our clothes are made overseas.

Bengal Weaves and a Milieu of Cultures

silk sarees

In an attempt to display to the world the workmanship of conventional weaves and tribal work from Bengal and other parts of India, 5 Indian ladies running design houses in Britain’s capital have come together to arrange an exhibit at London’s Asia House on Sunday. A software expert, Rajeswari Sengupta who deals with ict risk mitigation in her software profession and weavers from tribal Bengal will show the items under her label, The Far East Studio.

“We have been dealing with master craftsmens from various parts of Bengal to restore fabric customs. At the exhibit, I will have a whole collection of hand-woven jamdani from Bangladesh, hand-embroidered kantha, and Tangail items for retailers in the UK. There will also be sarees in natural cotton and natural color, besides other drapes, consisting of silk, by nationwide acclaimed craftsmens,” stated Sengupta. The other designers at the program will be Jyoti Chandhok, who will bring chikankari works from Lucknow, Neetu Jalali who will display Kashmiri Pashmina, Josephine Nirmala who will feature her Rajasthani silver jewellery and Dimple Kalla, who will display hand-painted furnishings.

Coming from various parts of India, the 5 designers moved to London nearly a decade back but they still swear by Indian handloom, jewellery and artefacts. Sengupta stated, “The 5 people are from various parts of India and we have actually managed to bring a piece of all 4 corners of the nation at this exhibit. It will have works of weavers, embroiders and jewellery designers from the grassroots level.” The group’s objective is to support and promote handwoven works. “The UK has seen a great deal of exhibits where Indian items are showcased in abundance. But this might be the very first effort by Indian females to display the works of grassroots weavers and craftsmens,” Sengupta included.

Apart from the devoted Indian client base, the exhibit is anticipated to have a great reaction from the English too. “They are really thinking about sarees and handwoven fabrics. Even stoles, shawls from Kashmir, kantha gowns are rather a rage here. Through these expositions, we are aiming to produce a platform for Indian weavers who can directly communicate with retailers,” Sengupta included.

In other news, Shilparamam has come alive with gorgeous handicrafts and tribal-art-works displayed by the finest artisans from around the country. It is a soul-feasting experience for all the shopaholics as the All India Crafts Mela, which began on December 15 has more than 500 stalls that display jewellery, carpets, toys, handicrafts, fabrics, pots and pans as well as furnishings.

Sravanthi, a software testing expert and a customer at the mela mentioned that the exhibit offers a glance of different cultures and its arts throughout India and is an excellent experience. “The exhibit is not simply a fantastic location to experience the arts and crafts from various cultures from around the nation but also supplies a distinct shopping experience for the foreign travelers. As they get to feel the charm of rural India and take home a piece of ethnic Indian art.”

Artisans talk Kashmir-based Gowhar, who has actually been making Kashmir silk scarves over twenty years states, “I come to Hyderabad every 4 months to sell the Kashmiri headscarfs. We set up stalls at different locations in the city. We are a group of 5 and we thoroughly choose vibrant colours and embroidery designs on finest Kashmiri silk.

This is a needlework is called “Arri” and our specialized, pashmina scarves cost around Rs 1,700.” Nitin from Maharashtra, who is selling pure silk Paithani sarees, states, “The Paithani sarees are world renown. Our elders began this in 1987 and we are continuing the work since. A lot of other women are interested to find a tutor that teaches them how to make our fabrics and we provide that for them too.

It takes 2 months to make each saree. Some sarees like tissue Paithani take more than 2 years. Every year we show our works at Shilparamam. Each Paithani saree costs from Rs 10,000 to 2 lakh.” Amit Kumar states, who comes from Jitwarpur, Bihar, who is showcasing paintings of Goddess Sita at the mela. “From where I come from, the Goddess Sita’s painting is thought as the best. In fact, the majority of the paintings are of the wedding event of Goddess Sita.”

“This art remains present for more than 200 years now and my granny Sita Devi, 84, was granted Padma Sri for her contribution to this art by the Union federal government,” Amit shares. Discussing the colours used in his paintings Amit includes, “The colours we use are completely natural and water resistant and we do not use canvas for our paintings. It is made from half fabric and half canvas”.

Aneela from Sattupalli Khammam, who is showcasing sarees and gown products with Kalamkari, block work and spot work design states, “I have a shop in my home town and we take orders to create various sarees. More than 50 members work me and we take nationwide and worldwide orders too. My hubby, Venkata Ratnam and I remain in this field for more than 15 years now. Sometimes we get strange trends of buyers that are merely searching the web to find a tutor online or do other online browsing, but happen to find our sarees instead – it’s very funny and strange but help us a lot “.

Rakesh Thakore Reinvents the Saree, Visits Yarra Valley

sarees in silk

He’s gone from being an export businessman to one of styles most-sought after names. Prior to Rakesh Thakore becoming, you know, Rakesh Thakore, he was hectically providing beautifully-woven handloom textiles across the globe. Partners David and he just brought their famous Abraham & Thakore to the Indian market in 2002, going in to retail in Delhi, followed by Mumbai and Bangalore.

However the very first collection didn’t make its ramp debut till 2010. That was a “deliberate choice”, says Rakesh Thakore, as we settle in for an afternoon chat at his four-storied Noida factory.

The factory is ringing with weavers and craftsmen, giving life to A&T’s stunning productions, constructed from Khadi, and imbued with an air of uncomplicated glamour and a hint of playfulness. He said, “If you have any presence here then immediately you address a larger audience and the choice to display on the ramp was necessary for us,” while offering his inputs on patterns and weaves. But a ramp debut didn’t alter much for Thakore, except his social calendar. His Saree’s brought him all around the world, including a trip to Australia to attend events in the yarra valley winery region.

“They even used to obtain our names wrong. I would always be called Raghavendra Rathore. It was humiliating to fix individuals,” he states, with a roll of his eyes and a don’t- take-it-seriously laugh.

Masterfully handling the social calendar and his thriving label, Thakore is a busy man. In an industry fed on egos and insecurities, he holds his ground. That explains his high status in the field of handloom, which has unexpectedly spun a success yarn. “Nowadays every designer in the book wishes to be in the handloom scene since its trendy.”

Rubbishing any opportunity of someone ending up being the “maker of handloom”, he states “handloom has actually constantly been around, through the years and generations. Our moms, grannies wore it and were happy doing so.”

But then aping the West ended up being trendy, and subsequently, handloom got sidelined. “It was no longer thought about stylish and no young girl wished to be seen and called an aunty in a handloom saree,” he states. However Thakore couldn’t be better to be a part of the handloom resurrection.

“It is motivating to see a great deal of girls now who style themselves in handloom saree’s. It has ended up being really trendy again, and return after a full cycle.” That likewise explains many of his fellow designers following with this trend. “Easy availability and accessibility has endured handloom to lots of,” he states.

For Abraham & Thakore, the handloom yarn runs strong. Not simply the brand name, but the two men behind it, too, started their individual professions dealing with weavers, long prior to A&T entered being. While Thakore’s diploma job had to do with Ikat, David Abraham did his on Khadi. “It’s been a long association”, he says, and it is these years of experience that display in the charming detailing of every piece from A&T’s collections.

It is this passion and commitment towards the craft that makes the designer duo create a compellingly ethereal image for the brand name. While Abraham looks after ‘fashion element’ of business, Thakore invests his time guaranteeing each weave, and pattern is perfect. “Dealing with the weavers, with fascinating materials, structures and techniques is what my part of business is,” he states about the ‘remarkable’ process with zeal in his voice.

So exactly what does the future hold?

Thakore states that there is a great deal of new jobs that they are working on, including the institution space. Even as he manages different roles, with the task comes some occupational risks: occasions, celebrations and launches. “My family states that they see me more in the media than in their home, which I feel is a dreadful insult.”

Though he includes, “I hardly go out except for Saturday nights with buddies or a Sunday breakfast in a beautiful breakfast restaurant. All the weekday parties are demanding”.

Style and Celeb Photography Duo Unveil New Series of Photography Fusing Physical Fitness & Style

photographing fitness

International style and star photography duo, Markus & Koala, are revealing a brand-new series of photography, highlighting the current in fashion and physical fitness developments. The images record the art of self reinvention and are now readily available to consumers of associated brand names, especially, RealRyder International, makers of the un-stationary RealRyder Indoor Cycle, and worldwide photography and imaging business, Fujifilm.

The acclaimed professional photographers– understood for shooting renowned pictures of celebs consisting of David Bowie, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, along with ad campaigns for Nike, Anna Sui, Pepsi, Skyy Vodka, Lancome and most just recently, Reebok London– explore the camera-tech giant’s brand-new FUJIFILM GFX 50S medium-format mirror-less electronic camera that’s presently in beta-production. Set up for release early this year, the brand-new electronic camera innovation boasts an industry-leading pixel count of 51.4 million, which provides exceptional sharpness and image quality. The cam’s X-Pro image processor provides impressive color and tone re-production, setting a brand-new bar for professional photographers who shoot business and style work.

“Workout and style are both such strong types of self-expression for individuals. They are effective tools for transforming oneself,” states Markus Klinko. “We wished to highlight a modern-day technique to style and physical fitness with sexual magnetism and a lively method.”

Markus & Koala picked global indoor biking brand name, RealRyder International– makers of the un-stationary RealRyder Indoor Bike– together with numerous style brand names (Digby Jackson, This is a Love Song, Dimepiece LA, American Clothing, Adidas, Puma and Nike) for the photography expose. Klinko continues, “These brand names embody a spirit of modification and development, an objective to defy the status quo.”

“Understanding that Markus is an authentic fan and day-to-day user of our item, we might not have actually been more passionate– and honored– to deal with him and Koala on this shoot,” states Colin Irving, CEO of RealRyder International. “For the past 8 years, our vibrant indoor biking platform has actually motivated our consumers to press the borders of traditional indoor biking, a section of the physical fitness market that has actually not progressed, equipment-wise, in over 25 years. While the RealRyder Bike resonates with a wide array of ages, it has actually been most rapidly embraced by more youthful demographics, a group who requires higher home entertainment and performance from their exercises, and who easily accepts brand-new innovation and the need to remain pertinent, like individuals of fitness training Sydney and Melbourne,  The brand-new generation of riders is not seeking their moms and dads’ indoor biking class for motivation.”

“Our consumers are contending in a highly-saturated physical fitness market,” states Jackie Mendes, Director of Sales & Marketing at RealRyder International. “It’s interesting to give our clients direct access to the level of elite professional photographers who deal with A-list Hollywood stars. This becomes part of our continuous dedication to not just provide remarkable devices, however likewise to support our consumers with marketing tools that will assist their company to prosper.”


Markus & Koala are a worldwide photography duo, understood for developing a “distinct visual universe” (Style Publication), where attractive high-fashion merges with the gritty edge of youth culture. Koala’s imaginative viewpoint, from the perspective of a young Chinese American multi-media artist, resonates throughout their work and includes a modern-day, advanced imprint to Markus’ shiny, 70s and 80s influenced signature design.


RealRyder International LLC, located in Santa Monica, California, is the designer of the world’s very first un-stationary indoor bike. Led by a group with more than 120 combined years of physical fitness training market experience, RealRyder International is transforming indoor biking with the RealRyder ABF8– an exceptional efficiency indoor bike that fulfills the requirements of the elite-cyclist or fitness center member for training and efficiency. The RealRyder ABF8 vision started Twenty Years back when competitive bicyclist and ReaRyder International CEO and co-founder, Colin Irving, saw a way to enhance the efficiency of the stationary bicycle to much better replicate the genuine bike experience. Now growing in more than 50 nations worldwide, RealRyder International serves a range of store multi-modality studios, full-service gym brand names, such as, World Health club (Taiwan), Pure Physical fitness (Hong Kong), Bodytech (Latin America) along with all branches of the United States Armed forces, rehab centers, expert athletic training centers and college/university recreation centers.


Basketball Shorts get Short Once Again

basketball shorts fashion

At the sounding of the buzzer ,the Ozen junior prepared to walk on to the basketball court.

However initially, he stopped and changed the waistband of his shorts, rolling the flexible 2 times to obtain the shorts to a wanted length. “I do not like the saggy sensation any longer,” stated Reed, who uses Ozen’s university basketball group. “I like clothing that fits.” The style of tighter-fitting clothes is permeating into the sport of high school basketball as athletes select brief and slim over long and baggy. For regional professional athletes, the fit has to do with performance and style. For coaches, it’s including a sense of fond memories to the sport – a noticeable nod to the days prior to Michael Jordan and Michigan’s Fab 5 utilized much deeper inseams to affect basketball’s brand name in the ’90s.

“Style is sort of like history,” Silsbee coach Joe Sigler stated. “It duplicates itself.” If you look good “you play good,” said Central freshman Kason Harrison. Harrison desires lots of breathing space in between his hemline and his knees, he says “If you see somebody using long shorts over their knees, it’s nearly like you’d make fun of them”. Franklin Paul, Harrison’s Coach, reveals that it’s entertaining that his athletes are gravitating toward the design of his own playing days. “We had short shorts,” stated Paul, who was a player for Central from 1991 to 1994. “Taking a look at exactly what the kids wish to use now, I believe they would’ve liked exactly what we played in. I joke now that if they desire them like that, I’ll go purchase them soccer shorts.”

Todd Sutherland, East Chambers’ coach, operated at Hardin-Jefferson as an assistant in 1990 and was surprised at the uniforms coach Charles Breithaupt purchased for athletes that year. Sutherland claimed, “We pulled the basketball shorts out and they were at thigh length.” “At the time, we thought that to be exceptionally long. However, the kids enjoyed them.” 10 years later on, he stated, they ran out fashion. “Suddenly they got too little for everybody,” Sutherland stated. “Today, these existing kids, all they desire are those thigh length shorts.”

Trickle-down style

In 2005, the NBA mandated that gamers dress in business-casual outfit to and from basketball games. The rule was first commonly slammed as a racist regulation versus young African-American athletes who preferred hip-hop clothes staples such as saggy denims, fitted baseball caps, jerseys and large Tee shirts. However, NBA stars like Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul and Dwayne Wade started making headings for bold and stylish fitted clothes that quickly ended up being the standard among athletes. Central’s Paul needs his team to sport a dress shirt and tie throughout school prior to away competitions due to the fact that it “keeps them in the right state of mind.”

“I believe the modification in how they dress usually; the shift from baggy to form fitting clothing, it’s equating to the basketball court,” stated Ozen assistant Trey McDowell. “It’s not simply performance, it’s exactly what remains in. Whatever is circling back.” Longer shorts limit motion and make it more difficult to play defense, inning accordance with Central sophomore Rayshawn Morris. He presently uses size-large shorts throughout games, however has preference for small shorts. “With longer shorts and the matching basketball shirts, in some cases the ball gets stuck in between your legs,” stated Morris, who like lots of players uses longer compression shorts under his uniform.

Morris’ favourite college athlete, UCLA freshman Lonzo Ball, uses a fitted uniform with shorts that end well above the knee – a design Morris confessed he attempts to reproduce. Last season, NBA veteran Chris Douglas-Roberts asked for size medium shorts when he signed with the Los Angeles Clippers, an option that needed a unique order by the group. In early November, Cleveland Cavaliers super star LeBron James stated he would use skinnier and much shorter shorts this season, his 13th in the league, to provide a more expert look.



make up tips with sarees

Traditional Indian sarees have, in recent decades undergone a lot of changes when it comes to design, fabrics, patterns and so on. Sarees can make a woman look naturally gorgeous, however; it is always the correct make-up that accentuates your general appearance.

There are many different types of dresses that women can wear with womens boots, but the saree is perhaps the only one that never quite loses its old world charm. A traditional form of Indian wear, sarees have been extremely successful in making women look beautiful, irrespective of the woman’s body type or age.

However, if you are unsure about how to apply proper makeup, doing a beauty and makeup course somewhere might not be a bad idea. I often recommend this to women who don’t know what colors go with sarrees. As sarees come in many colors, fabrics and patterns, it can be a little confusing to say the least.

The make-up you should apply depends on the saree you are wearing. It also depends on the occasion, your skin tone and naturally, your personal preferences. In saying that, there definitely are few make-up tricks. If you follow them, it can give you the look to simply die for. Some of these include:

The Main Focus Should be the Eyes with a small focus on your lips If you need to attend a daytime occasion, you should probably wear a light coloured saree. A suggestion is for a cat eye makeup by using a good dose of mascara, kajal and some eye shadow. By applying some light gloss on your lips, you are all set and ready to go. If however the occasion demands it, you can use red lipstick but go for smoky eyes.

If your complexion is little pale, you should perhaps replace the red with brown and you will look simply stunning.

Nude Make-Up and Kajal

When wearing a really stunning saree after buying shoes online, the focus should be on it and not your makeup. By wearing nude make-up, that will enhance the natural beauty of your face and not look over done. Add fine lines of eyeliner and kajal on the upper as well as your lower lashes to get that perfect look.

Get Extra Gloss by using Oil Based Makeup

When wearing a zardosi-embroidered saree with some simple jewellery, a good look can be achieved by using oil-based make-up. The effect this will have is that it will make your skin look shiny while also giving you that formal look for evening occasions.

Get Rosy Cheeks by Using Pink Blushers

To highlight your cheek bones and lift them a little higher, use a rosy cheek make-up . This is perhaps the best look when you wear pink, white or red sareees. But, always compliment the look you are trying to achieve with dark eye make-up and lip gloss.


sarees used in fashion

In the history of Indian clothes, the sari is traced back to the Indus Valley Civilisation, which grew throughout 2800-1800 BC around the western part of the Indian subcontinent. Sari draping leaves back, cleavage, and profile of belly bare while wearing stylish womens sandals. The origin of such exposing clothes can be credited to damp environment of the land. The earliest recognized representation of the sari in the Indian subcontinent is the statue of an Indus Valley priest using a drape.

Poetry from Ancient Tamil  such as the Silappadhikaram and the Sanskrit work, Kadambari by Banabhatta, explains females in elegant drape or sari. The ancient stone engraving from Gangaikonda Cholapuram in old Tamil scripts has a reference to hand weaving. In ancient Indian custom and the Natya Shastra which is an ancient Indian writing explaining ancient dance and outfits, the navel of the Supreme Being is thought to be the source of life and imagination, thus the midriff is to be left bare by the sari.

Other sources state that daily outfit included a dhoti or lungi (sarong), incorporated with a bust band called ‘Kurpasika’ or ‘Stanapatta’ and periodically a wrap called ‘Uttariya’ that might sometimes be made use of to cover the upper body or head. Where as the two-piece Kerala mundum neryathum (mundu, a dhoti or sarong, neryath, a shawl, in Malayalam) is a survival of ancient Indian clothes designs. The one-piece sari is a contemporary development, produced by integrating the 2 pieces of the mundum neryathum and nice womens shoes.

The Fabric Used in Saree also decides how you will look in a saree. For example, stiff cotton saris give heavy look so these are not suitable for plus size women. Fabrics such as Chiffons, Georgettes and Silk Saris are best outfit for voluptuous large size busty women to show off their voluptuous and curvaceous natural body figure sexier and more beautifully.