Louis Vuitton Toilet Causing a Stir

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Toilets are not just a necessity for the 21st-century bathroom anymore. They have changed from the blocked drains water leakage reputation they once had and are now making their way as an artists’ canvas. With more luxury brands choosing to take their brand to the next level, consumers are seeing everyday products such as toilet paper or a play-station controller covered in branding. An example of this is the Luis Vuitton toilet.

Just in time for Christmas, here is a gift idea for that special somebody who has absolutely everything but a Louis Vuitton-covered golden toilet. The luxurious, $100,000 commodity is totally functional and on display now at online merchant Tradesy’s new Santa Monica showroom.

Artist Illma Gore destroyed 24 different Louis Vuitton pieces to cover the toilet in the luxury designer’s signature leather. Gore said she personally loved the idea of what it felt like to cut up a $3000 tote. The urge to destroy is exactly the same as a creative impulse. She said that she would not be sitting on it personally as she believes that it’s a little extravagant for an event but individuals are going to have the ability to sit on it as well as interact with the piece.

Gore was also the performer of the contentious nude painting of Donald Trump giving him a micro-penis, entitled “Make America Great Again”, now proudly stands in the National Portrait Gallery, has created a fully-functioning golden toilet out of Louis Vuitton bags worth $20k.

The brand new Tradesy showroom is located on the ground floor of the company’s headquarters at 1217 2nd St. in Santa Monica.

It is called Loo-uis Vuitton, also you’ll be able to pick up one at Tradesy for your super-reasonable cost of $100k – the ideal buy for people that love pissing their cash. The collection also includes Hermes vases adorned with the American flag, LV-clad Abraham Lincoln busts along with a Gucci missile.

Extravagances have attained a new level with this pristine shrine, which has left many wondering who’d really dare use it. It took 3 weeks and used 24 distinct bags, valued at $15,000, along with a $3,000 bag to make this completely working toilet which would attend to your plumbing emergency, with each bit created from designer resale website Tradesy, where it is listed for sale.

And if you are feeling like your present toilet situation is not quite cutting it, then the great accessory may now be yours for $100,000. In case you were wondering, the ultra lavish bathroom hasn’t really been used. While the concept of a cheeky Louis Vuitton bathroom might appear novel, there are in fact many art style objects now making the rounds. Back in September of 2016, Supreme published a $30 brick which was shortly after recorded at $1,000 on eBay. And only yesterday, Louis Vuitton men’s artistic director Kim Jones Instagrammed a picture of a significant Louis Vuitton Supreme teddy bear available to purchase for the BBC Children in Need.

The obsession with designer monograms and trademarks was popular with DIY artists, too. Ava Nirui who has a cult Instagram following has been producing logo-inspired doodads for many years. Think toothbrushes coated in Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami monogram print and Chanel double-C-emblazoned basketballs. Imran Moosvi known on the Instagram account as@imran_potato follows the identical style and churns out covetable yet odd collectibles like a PlayStation controller boasting LV symbols to the signature pad plus a MacBook coated all with Gucci monograms. Figuring out Moosvi’s head can also be in the bathroom, so to speak: He also produced a roster of Gucci monogrammed toilet paper, just the item to go for your brand new Louis Vuitton flusher.