Get Ready For the 2017 Saree Exhibition

saree exhibition

For those saree lovers, prepare for the biggest saree extravaganza scheduled to occur mid-July. An exhibition that is much looked forward to by all of the women, the Saree Festival 2017, guarantees the best out of season offers available, showcasing a range of saree’s coming all of the way from India. The Saree Festival organisers will engage a company for exhibition services to create custom showcases for the event, in an effort to ensure the saree’s are displayed as beautifully as possible.

The saree, a symbol of grace, is the traditional attire of elegant women in Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. Worn both casually and for functions, the five to nine yards of grace is often seen as the height of sophistication. Created with a number of fabrics frequently containing magnificent colour, this garment is among the most significant items of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe.

This year, Sri Lanka’s Saree Festival is offering the broadest range of Hindustan saree’s created from the most popular fabrics like handloom, silk, georgette and cotton of the most recent trend. Included in the assortment of saree’s available for display on the plinths or to buy at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre are made-up and pleated saree’s as well as bridal saree’s. Also on display is an assortment of accessories to accompany the glamorous saree’s; including jewellery, handbags, shoes and much more!

Following the success of two flagship editions of the festival in Delhi, it is Mumbai’s turn share in saree love. This exciting festival showcases the saree, which is easily the life breath of the feminine wardrobe in India, and is worn by women throughout the nation in every shape and form. While there have been a number of platforms focusing on the saree previously, they have only focused on one part of the versatile article of clothing — traditional or contemporary, classical or new age.

The Saree Festival puts together a holistic experience, bringing together an array of saree types. The first of them, obviously, would be the traditional saree’s made by weavers from various parts of India. The second, in contrast to the, is that the interpretation of the structural type of the saree by designers. The next is the fun new addition of digital prints and images to saree which are bringing saree’s into the modern fashion scene.

The festival comprises of Saree Mela, an exhibition and sale of varied saree collections, focusing mostly on Pan-Indian handloom idioms. Saree ka Gunijan Khana, the theoretical and functionality element of this Saree Festival, expects to bring together different voices and thoughts around the saree and what it means for those wearing it in a modern society.

Do not miss out on this Wonderful saree festival scheduled to take place on the 14th, 15th and 16th of July from 10.00am-8.00pm. It will be an ideal opportunity to pick from a wide assortment of exquisite saree’s particularly for people who may have a grand occasion coming up.