Shopping for a new wardrobe after breast augmentation

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Virtually every girl after breast implants is thrilled when confronted with the prospect of apparel shopping to complement their body contour. It is a breakthrough feeling when you are finally able to select clothes with fashions and cuttings you have been daydreaming about or had not had the guts to flaunt it. It’s time to complete this clothing with confidence, but before you step into the shop, we’d bet you will be challenged with any questions regarding your new bust line. Where should you begin? What dimensions would suit you?

Here are our top strategies for putting your very best cleavage forward.

Say bye-bye to older bras.

You might have sweet sorrow partings with your old bras especially your favourite ones, but after you’re discharged from your bandages and permitted to wear a bra, you will need to think about comfort and support besides aesthetics to your new breast size and shape. It’s time for a professional bra fitting session that you should reward yourself; after all, your primary goal after a breast augmentation procedure is to attain a flattering image of your curves. Throughout your new bra shopping venture, you need to be on the lookout for bras with cups which are specially designed to accommodate bigger, augmented breasts and take some opportunity to try on different styles because a variety could agree with your breasts. But you should take precaution selecting underwire bras because wearing it too soon may lead to distress or other complications arising from the underwire pressure.

Having previously left that low neckline wrap dress, the curve-hugging blouse or t-shirt on your previous shopping ventures, it is time to have fun in the fitting room looking out those real clothing that has captured your eyes ever since pre-breast enhancement procedure. Don’t forget to check out yourself at various angles in various styles and take some pictures so you can see yourself in another perspective. Afternoon shopping well-spent for the new you’re an excellent pick-me-up confidence booster.


Improving with accessories

To bring attention to your neckline and enhanced chest, try adorning layered or long necklaces that curtains against your torso but if you are daring enough, why not try on attention-grabbing coloured chunkier bracelets? Wearing your business suit does not need to be a yawning affair. The great idea is to pin a gorgeous brooch on the lapel marginally above the bust line or to put an attractive scarf around the lapels or tying it around your neck to draw additional attention to the playground without explicitly focusing on your breasts or cleavage. Bear in mind, integrating accessories in your dressing style makes it possible to make a bold statement in addition to adding fun to all of your mornings.

Do not forget sunscreen protection.

As the torso and neck regions have thinner skin, it would be a shame to have your skin age prematurely as a result of overexposure from sunlight. Love your new curves After healing from the breast augmentation, before jetting excitedly off to your new wardrobe shopping trip, remember to start with clothing that will make you feel comfortable besides looking your best. Do not force yourself to accept fashions you are not yet prepared for.

After all, you finally have the shape you have long desired, give yourself time adjusting to the realisation of a long time fantasy. If you’re thinking of a breast augmentation, why don’t you drop by our medical centre and also have an extensive consultation with our skilled physician to discover if it’s perfect for you?

If you have any questions or queries after the surgery, contact your doctor who performed the breast augmentation for advice.