How Wire Shelves can help your Fashion Business

wire shelves

Wire shelves come in all shapes and sizes, depending on your choice and preference you can go for one that best suits your business needs. As the name suggests, this category of shelves is entirely made up of wires. The decking is built using welded wire mesh that has been further supported by metallic poles which have slightly small diameters. These types of shelves can adapt to almost any environment and this is just one of the reasons why they are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings. If you are in the fashion industry, here are some tips on how wire furniture can improve your business.

Sleek Look

Wire shelves made from stainless steel are particularly attractive. With the correct arrangement, they can give your business a professional and organized look. This further creates an open-concept design which allows customers to have dimensional views of all the products that you are showcasing.

Low Cost of Ownership

When compared to the other shelving options such as wooden shelves, wire shelves are relatively cheap. This is because the materials used in making wire shelves – which in most cases is just simple wires – is available at a low cost compared to the price of wood. This makes wire shelves very convenient, especially in the early stages when you are kick-starting your career in the fashion industry.

Saves on Space

Another benefit that you can get from using wire shelves is that you only need a small space for setting it up. Most of these shelves are designed with a taller length and a smaller width; this allows you to maximize the vertical space rather than taking up a lot of floor space. With this arrangement, you can have as many shelves as you want while having enough room to move around (provided your business space is large enough, to begin with).


These types of shelves come in a wide range of styles, giving you the privilege of choice. Depending on the design that you like, you will find shelves with different numbers of storage compartments. Some also have additional features like wheels, which make them very easy to move around. Instead of carrying the clothes you can simply wheel them while neatly placed on the shelves.

Easy Reconfiguration

A fashion business may need tune-ups from time to time and wire shelves allow you to do that without breaking a sweat. Compared to wooden shelves which in most cases have to be permanently fixed on the floor or on walls, wire shelves can easily be moved. This is because they are not permanently fixed. You can easily move them around giving you the opportunity to come up with any arrangement that you prefer.

Easy Cleaning

Spills can easily be wiped off without leaving any permanent marks on the shelves. As a result, there will be no cases of clothes having stains. This can be a good way to reduce losses that may result from damage caused by unwanted stains.

Element Proof

Moisture has no effect on wire shelves (compared to wooden shelves which may suffer serious damage due to moisture). This makes wire shelves last longer, so you will not have to worry about making replacements. To get the best from this it is recommended that you go from stainless steel – which is resistant to rust.

In addition to being moisture proof wire shelves can also not be affected by fires. They are almost indestructible. Another noticeable advantage is that the open design of wire shelves can allow water sprinklers to put off fires compared solid wood shelving which may block water and at the same time fuel the fire.