Coloured Contact lenses


Contact Lenses 
Contact lenses are utilized as a medical alternative for glasses. While this is their main purpose, they are being used more so as a fashion accessory due to the large array of colours and styles available for purchase now. There are an infinite numbers of colours to choose from giving users the freedom to change their appearance or style on the go. They allow wearers to have a different eye colour for photo opportunities. Aesthetically, these coloured contact lenses are able to be used with outfits to make new and different looks.
Here are some great tips to help you when you’re trying to think of how you can implement some vibrant contact lenses into your style.

  1. Go for beyond normal colours for your wardrobe.
  • Brown, grey or other dull colours can make your outfit look bland or plain. Make your eye colour pop by using brighter more vibrant colours, such as green, blue or hazel. These colours stand out more and will draw attention to you.


  1. Find a colour that suits your skin tone.
  • If you want to try something a little more in your comfort zone then matching your contacts to your complexity can serve as a foundation for doing something new. Finding a suitable colour of a contact lens will complement the features of your face. It will also enhance the colour of your skin, which will make the wearer feel more confident.


  1. Play with the chance by match it with your outfit.
  • Are you looking for something cute and fashionable? One way to do so is to match your contact lens with the colour of your outfit. Usually, what colour you are wearing would be your mood for the whole day. If the user does not have the same colour of contact lens with the outfit, they can find a colour that will coordinate with the look. The contact lens will make the user look fashionable and creative.


Changing a regular look with a contact lens 

Based on the phrase, “Your eyes are the window to your soul,” people tend to look at your eyes with the hope to unfold something about your mystery.

Eyes are expressive. A stare can easily give away the emotions of a person. Just like how people dress up based on their mood, the same goes for your eyes.

People love using colours and designs to express their creativity. With how one chooses and uses contact lenses, self-expression becomes free. Contact lenses give people the ability to express themselves in ways they had not previously been able to.

For example anime lovers are able to purchase glow in the dark contacts, so that they may look like their favourite anime character.

When you use Contact lenses to match your outfit, you automatically stand out from the crowd. Wearing contact lenses is like wearing a different set of eyes. Models and celebrities also use contact lenses for fashion. Contact lenses can refresh a look instantly, especially when the colour chosen suits the user’s skin tone. It can also go with your outfit or just be an accessory to your look. Wearing coloured contact lenses will help you be confident. Some may feel powerful, while some may feel beautiful. To simply put, wearing contact lenses can be a way to communicate with your eyes with style. Whether it be black, blue, green, or brown, as long as it satisfies the idea of the look you are going for, as long as it made your regular outfit somehow special, you are good to go.